What's New With HEX...


Feb 11, 2002
It's been a while since I posted the last update, so I thought I'd provide everyone with what's going on in the HEX camp.

- The limited-edition, free "our synthetic soul..." CDs are no more! We're happy to report that all 100 numbered copies were sent out to fans and/or interested listeners in countries around the world.

- We are looking into a 2nd pressing of the CD, probably consisting of ~200 copies, to be sold by your favorite online metal CD vendors.

- HEX has been reconfirmed to appear on the upcoming Ultimate Metal compilation CD - we were excited about this last year and are equally excited now that it looks to be happening again. "age of mystics" will be the track appearing on the CD.

- www.hexology.com is in the process of being redesigned, and should be ready soon.

- HEX tunes have been receiving quite a bit of "airplay" on both mp3.com and Seismic Radio. Thanks to all the Seismic DJs, including WarmWetOs, Teri, and Zerohour, and to those who have included HEX in their mp3.com radio station playlists (Demonspell, Orville from Hydra and American Made Monster).

- In addition to the CDs mentioned above, Dan and I are hoping to have HEX shirts and other merchandise available at the upcoming ProgPower USA IV in Atlanta.

- "our synthetic soul..." received a nice and unexpected review by UltimaIbanezOverlord, another member of the UltimateMetal and Seismic communities. Will post some of the comments soon...

- Also, Dan Lorenzo of Hades and Non-Fiction fame, obtained a copy of the CD and was thrilled by our cover of "Put It Off" and wrote a quick review of the CD in his daily column for Steppin' Out Magazine. If you haven't heard either Hades or Non-Fiction yet, you absolutely must! For Hades, go for their "If At First You Don't Succeed" CD; for Non-Fiction, go for "Preface" or "In The Know".

- No effort has been put into new material just yet, as we are both overloaded with life "things" at the moment. But, we are determined to have a new full-length release in early 2004.

- We have been recently contacted by a television production company to use HEX music in an extreme sports show. Way cool!!! More details as they become available.

Finally, thanks to those that have sent emails with raves AND rants about HEX and our music. Keep 'em coming!

warmwetos said:
Rock on BROTHA BOB! :) If I can only get your CD from skipping on my player I might be able to play more tracks! ;) Cheers, Tony

Tony, I can send you the 192Khz mp3s or mail you another CD. Let me know what's better for you.

rgbeach said:
Tony, I can send you the 192Khz mp3s or mail you another CD. Let me know what's better for you.


Bob I seriously think its the damn Sony CD I use to play music instead of the one I have on my computer. Let me try to rip the CD and load it on my system that might do the trick! :) I play a lot of CD's on my show and I switch between two cd's and the mp3's so the music flows better and there is no downtime.

Now get busy and start working on the followup! :)