What's this???


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Sep 12, 2001
I go away for a week, and a whole new bunch of people inhabit this board. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO???

WHO ARE YOU!!!!?????? :lol:
You have to catch up, dude! We missed you here but a board has to move on with his life.:D
You cannot go away for a week just like that.
You didn't even ask us. Did we grant any permission? NO!
Then how on the hellfreezing earth did you have the nerve to go away, not leave a note where we can contact you in case of emergency and come back expecting that everything will be the same? Only the songs remain the same my friend (unless they are re-mastered/mixed).

This is an everchanging world. We the elder have to realise it and move with the times.
Move along brother!
...Next you'll be telling me that you bought the new korn cd and you're going to start wearing a red cap all the time...

!!! :lol:
hahaha:lol: Don't worry I don't like wearing caps (even though I like red). And, well, korn are too heavy for my old and tired ears.:lol: :lol: That is the reason why i listen to nevermore: to find peace of mind.
Oh, I'm first from Finland here. Cool. It sometimes seems that I'm only Nevermore fan from Finland.. Though I've met few dudes. One was drunken Finn in his DNB shirt, throwing up and suddenly guy raised his head, noticed my DHIADW shirt and shouted: "nevermore rules" and then continued puking... :lol:
Australian... great, except that I've heard that Australian beer sucks donkey-ass. Is that true?
I hope not because if I some day visit Australia I'd like to take a test on local alcohol-culture without getting any weird diseases from beer. :)
Australia is definately the best place on earth.

Don't EVER... EVER Drink 'FOSTERS' beer...

go XXXX or Cascade...!
Hell makes a good brew, if you're willing to stop by...
Don't worry, they only torture the dead and Nu-(Not)Metal fans, so it's safe to wander around, unless you're True Light, hahaha... :loco:

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