Where do you buy your metal?


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
What online stores (if any) do you buy your music from? Is it a big name such as CDnow or Amazon, or a smaller retailer?

Please leave links if available :)

Thankyuh :D
I buy my metal from the local hardware store... :p:D

Actually I don't use on-line stores at all. The only time I bought something "on-line", I e-mailed my order...:)
I generally go to JB Hifi or Heartland records in Melbourne, and on the odd occasion to Metal Mayhem or Smoke Dreams. Never online though, and that's what you asked for, so I guess my reply is redundant and off topic.

www.calldownthethunder.com Alta Mira very friendly, personable, good service and fast, bit expensive on euro items

www.CDnow.com good for mixing non-metal and metal and selection is huge. Good prices for older stuff which is important to me. Different shipping centres suck however. Odd how the centres for imports have faster shipping than the local U.S. releases...

Mostly I import thru my local store for various reasons but I may switch to online mostly

NP: Overkill - Bloodletting
Hey Soul Forlorn what is the longest you have had to wait for your cds from dark symphonies? I mailed them a money order a while ago and still nothing has come.