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Jun 20, 2001
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Can you folks point me in the right direction?

Ive only known of Opeth for a couple days now and everywhere i turn i hear nothing but good things. My problem is where to start. If i buy one of their albums and end up not liking it i want to know that ive heard them at their best(or what you consider their best).

any recommendations?
That is the worst question you can ask dude (or dudette) as all Opethians pull hair out deciding which album is the best or their favorite. To make a long story short I would recommend MAYH, since it's the least progressive of their albums and probably the easiest to listen to. But then again I would also recommend an all-out shotgun approach--- just buy every album, plant yourself in a chair and listen dammit!! :) And then prepare to have your soul converted as you become Opethians like us (that is if you have any sense of taste) :lol:
It depends on what sort of music you like.

Blackwater Park is definitely the best produced, and the most refined Opeth CD. It also contains more clean vocals, then any of their other releases.

If you want to start with something a little earlier, try My Arms, Your Hearse.

I am sure if you are patient enough, you will get dozens of different responses to this question. Good luck, and let us know what you buy, and what you think.

Originally posted by Xtokalon
I would recommend MAYH, since it's the least progressive of their albums and probably the easiest to listen to.

The *least* progressive??!! Easiest to listen to? I've always thought it was the most progressive and the hardest to listen to (cuz it's so heavy, progressive, and whacky).

For someone new I'd recommend Still Life, it's the most melodic and by far the easiest to get into and digest and has the most clean vocals and some of the most beautiful and memorable melodies. BWP would also be a great first choice I think, though it's not as progressive and gets boring much faster than the 2 before it.

I would also say Still Life it was by far the easiest album for me to get into and I still listen to it more than any other Opeth albums. It has a little bit of everything and a very interesting story line as it being a concept album. Also as your screen name is love the story has that as a major theme in it.
well it's extremely hard to choose, every of their song is good to me. but any album you buy, you have to listen to it alot to actaully begin to understand it. you can't get satisfaction the first time you listen. my bro from japan came to visit and let me use his credit card. i just finally bought orchid from the internet. yes, yessss, yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!
Well, if you're already into some underground metal and/or prog acts you might really like Morningrise. However, it has sort of a harsher, yet thinner sound than the following records in terms of it's heavier parts and more haunting, sparse yet beautiful parts in it's acoustics and clean vocals. IF you're not already into more obscure music, though, the production and vocal style of the first two records (Orchid, Morningrise) might be a bit of a turn-off.

In that regards, I, too, would recommend Still Life to get first.

And, yes, My Arms Your Hearse is also my favourite.

... I hope that helps... and please, do come back and let us know.

Take it easy!
It probably would have helped to put this in the first post but i didnt think about it, thank you Mr.Zod.

Right now im really into Zao and old Embodyment(Embrace the Eternal)if that helps at all. If you havent heard of them ive always heard'm labeled as death/metalcore.

I cant say that ive ever actually listened to death/progressive music so im really sorry if im barking up the wrong tree. I have heard a band called Messhugah(sp?)that i was told was progressive and i didnt care for it all that much. Was a bit to much all at once for me.

if you have a question i will try to answer as soon as i can. hope this helped, and to those who already posted thanks.


Meshuggah...We'll yeah, they're progressive allright. I like to call them "Mathematics-Metal". But don't worry. Opeth is nothing like that. Meshuggah is based on constant changes of time and rhythm, and I find it very, very opressive.
Get your ears around any copy you can and while you are there order the other four....seriously!

I'd recommend downloading one song or a portion of one song from each cd. That will at least give you a small feel for the sound and overall vibe of each cd. Although Orchid and Morningrise are my favorites, I can see where for many people they wouldn't be. Still Life would probably be your best bet. It's very melodic, has a lot of clean singing and acoustic parts. One thing is for sure, Still Life contains a huge amount of variety. I'd say it contains a little bit of just about everything Opeth has done in terms of style. Still Life was the Opeth cd that took me the longest to absorb.

Nonononono, going at it in chronological order is by far the most recommendable approach. They're all different, we're all different.