Which festivals are you going to this summer?


Aug 4, 2007
Which festivals are you guys going to this spring/summer? I wish I could make it to the Nightmare Fest, but I can't get down to Florida. I missed Unexpect on their last tour, so I'm thinking about catching them with Shadowside and Dendura at the Flight of the Valkyries festival in June.
I'm sure the Ozzfest lineup will suck as usual so possibly Sounds of the Underground. I dunno yet I'll wait for the lineup. If the U.S. metal festivals didn't suck so bad (well, if I had enough money to fly to Wacken or Graspop instead...). Problem solved.
Well I'll be seeing Opeth and Dream Theater in May, and I'm hoping that Opeth start a tour in the fall for their new album coming out in June. I hope! It would be tits to see Opeth twice in one year. *droooooool*
Ragnarok is hardly in the summer as its like 2 weeks away :lol:

well it's in spring, isn't it?


New England Hardcore And Metal Fest in April
Sounds Of The Underground if it doesn't suck this year (unlikely)
Ozzfest if it doesn't suck this year (impossible)
I'm debating whether to attend the New England Metal Fest or dish out the extra cash to make it to Montreal to see Dimmu/Behemoth/Keep of Kalessin. Those are the only bands really worth seeing at the New England Fest.
Planning to see Iron Maiden in Cezh respublic in august, not sure what fest its gonna be though.
I'm going to Wacken. I fucking wish I was going to Ragnarok but I'm too busy with school right now.