Who digs TestAment????????


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Aug 31, 2001
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I have 3 of their cd's. I already had The NEw Order, and The Gathering. I got DEMONIC yesterday. Guys,,Thtas a hell of a cd,,JOn Doe kicks ASS!!!
Hey ledmag. I've followed TESTAMENT since I saw the video for "Trial by Fire" of THE NEW ORDER. I got this and the LEGACY and have been a fan ever since. They've gone through a few line-up changes since RETURN TO APOCALYPTIC CITY, LOW, DEMONIC, AND THE GATHERING. I 've seen them live at Bogart's in Cincinatti and in our state of KY at A1A in Lexington and they put on one hell of a show. Guitarist Eric Peterson has another project called Dragonlord and I hope Singer Chuck Billy recovers from cancer along with Chuck from DEATH. Every TESTAMENT album is good, but I believe my favorite is PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH, then THE NEW ORDER, LOW, THE GATHERING, DEMONIC, AND LEGACY. Hell, like I said they're all good, I can't put them in order.


ZANEX "THE DOG" :heh: :headbang:

P.S. Murky Waters and Demonic Refusal kick ass
Hey man, I never noticed u being a fellow Kentuckian, I live in Estill co. Which county do u live?

I really like TestAment, and yeah,,,murky Waters rulz. I lik ewhat I have so far. The guy at the store I go to(madison co. Sound Advice) ordered them all for me. He has them *behind the counter*, he is saveing them for me! They wiil ALL be mine.

I saw Monster Magnet at A1A in 1999 on Feb 6, (my b-day). Thats the last band I have seen. I saw Page and Plant at Rupp in 1995. I dont get to many shows,,its sad,,I know.

ANd yes,,I hope both rockers get better! I love Control Denied!
Testament RULES!!! Saw 'em open for Priest ten years ago and then again on the 'Low' tour...

Alex Skolnick is my favorite lead guitarist ever...

ALBUM RANKING (my opinion, of course):

1. Practice What You Preach
2. The Legacy
3. The Gathering
4. The New Order
5. Low
6. Demonic
7. The Ritual
8. Souls of Black

Dragonlord ain't half bad either...

Get well Chuck (both of 'em)

Later all,

Hey ledmag! This is ZANEX. I am a native of Clark County and I lived in Richmond while attending EKU. I know the owner of Sound Advice, AL, and you probably know Ron And Bobbie. I have been a customer of Sound Advice for a long time. After I graduated from EKU, I moved to Bourbon County where I now reside with my girlfriend/fiance. I would have to drive to Lexington to Best Buy, Disc Jockey, or one of the "Malls" if I wanted to get a new "release", or any decent METAL, because Wal-Mart and K-Mart will not carry Nevermore, Testament, Death, Pantera, Slayer, Deicide,etc. But a couple years ago, AL opened a Sound Advice in Winchester (Clark County) and I'm glad because its only about 7 miles from my house. Better than driving 30 minutes to Lexington or Richmond. Keep in touch. Might be able to meet you at a show or something. By the way, my girlfriend's parents live in Estill Co. and I visit there once or twice a month.


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HAHA! Man!..Yes I know Al and Ron very well. I have been to the winchester store too. Its a good place, but I know u know Richmond has a better metal section. I work in Clark Co all the man. Oh yeah,,Rons sister was working with my wife. How about alal that shit? Yeah keep in touch. ledmag13@yahoo.com
Testament rocks, i only have 3 cds so far, The New Order, Souls of Black, and the Gathering, been meaning to get Practice what you preach
of the ones i have I like The New Order the best, Alex Skolnick is mind-blowing.
Speaking of Alex, has anyone heard any of his projects since Testament? supposedly he's in a jazz/fusion band now called Attention Deficit, and I remember hearing about a couple others...haven't checked any of them out yet.
Who doesn't like Testament? Who ever doesn't is nuts.
I know Warrel LOVES Testament
I love TestAmenT!!

My fav's are Low, The Legacy, The Gathering and Demonic.

Eric Peterson's side project 'Dragonlord' is very good too. Although some parts are very reminicent of a few tracks from The Gathering.
Hey PoisnGodMachine. Alex Skolnick is phenomenal. I believe his other projects were called Project A, Skol Patrol, and Skol Trio. As a matter of fact, I remember seeing something on HardRadio.com in the news section, I think last week or maybe the week before, About Alex Skolnick and his "projects" performing somewhere in the U.S. but I can't remember dates or were. Hope this helps out.


ZANEX "THE DOG":heh: :headbang:

The darkwave comes, Sanity slips away, She screams from the alcove, I AM THE DOG!!!
PoisnGodMachine, I've read that Alex Skolnick's projects are anything from blues, jazz/fusion, cover songs, and instrumental jams. But, this is only what I've read in magazines. Could be true, could be not true.


ZANEX "THE DOG":heh: :headbang:
Any of u guys play any TestAmenT? I have almost Demonic Refusal down. Do those guys tune down, or standard, or drop D. What I have going is close.