Who is obssessed with Jonas?

Smerte Avliv

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May 25, 2001
New Zealand
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Not love. But for his lyrical integrity and his great viocal techniques. And also his drums. I mean if the had a different drummer on jhva elohim meth. To day beats would be different.
Cause what caught me out were the 4/4 beats. Such an original touch rather than battery and relentless double kick. I have heard another metal band do the same thing. Just list to the drum track of Murder. So effective yet simple. As with Varg's music
I am very impressed with Jonas, as well as with all the members of Katatonia. As for Varg, the complexity of his music increased with time, but he generally stuck to the formula that sounded best: dark and brutal without being played at the speed of light.
i work in a cd store and we use a computer program called MUSE (a self proclaimed 'electronic music library') to look up information and order albums. i was trying to sell some katatonia to someone and went to show them LFDGD and jonas was listed as the "band members of katatonia." he was the ONLY one listed! isnt that sad and...UGH! completely unacceptable! (all the members and guest artists are properly listed for the other katatonia albums...but still!!!)
and to make matters worse the customer decided not to order LFDGD. i ordered it anyway and put it out in the store where it now waits impatiently for its predestined home...in someones cd player! :D