why isn't this band more popular?

Jul 26, 2002
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Serious question. I came across "The Nameless Disease" by pure chance a few years back, and at the time I was just blown away by how good it was. Just from a technical point of view, everything was just so tight and well put together. For an unknown band from France of all places, this simply wasn't what I expected. Nameless Disease probably ranks in my top ten favorite metal albums. The follow up album, "The Perpetual Motion," although not quite as strong in my opinion, is still damned good.

Anyways, it's good to see that you guys have a forum here, and hopefully it will help draw more fans your way, because I think you deserve more attention!
Hi !
First, we would like to thank you for your kind words & support ! It seems that you are living in Calgary, Canada (maybe near some beautiful snowy mountains !?). Even if things are improving significantly, it is true that we still have much work in terms of promotion, particularly in North America. Fortunately, the situation is different in Europe where the band has more audience, especially in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria... Until now, we have to admit that it was easier for us to focus on Europe (indeed, that seems logical as the band is based in Paris).
However, we hope we will be able to come to North America soon for some gigs in order to improve the situation ;-)
Vincent / The Old Dead Tree
I hope that you will succeed in making discover your music in this party of the globe.
Good luck !!!

Gigs in Donington, YEAH !
Here in the US, I've never seen The Old Dead Tree releases in record stores, and not many mail-order websites carry them either. It's quite a shame that the band is not promoted more.

I came across the band in a Season of Mist compilation, and was very surprised by the music quality! If The Old Dead Tree tours America, I'm sure you will gain many new fans.
I just heard of The Old Dead Tree today and came here and listened to "Out Of Breath". I was really impressed, you guys are a great band.
I think this new international forum is a very good idea to improve the fame of TODT !

PS: Forgive me for my bad english ! I want this forum the help me for improve that !:cry:
i discovered the old dead tree about 3 years ago in mid 04. I was blown away by their extreme talent and next to mike åkerfeldt i think Manuel is one of the guys who handles both clean and extreme vocals equally good. I was surprised by TODT`s diversity and how their music appeals to all sorts of fans. Be it pop, doom metal, death metal, rock. I think they deserve more attention and I think they should apply for the inferno festival 08 in norway.I think it will be a healthy approach when it comes to promotion as it`s a pretty much international festival. People travel all the way from Japan to Norway to see bands. The inferno festival is pretty full of black/death metal bands and i think that TODT would be a nice relaxation from the constant extreme bands.

I think maybe getting contacts world wide and playing at festivals may be a quite good way of getting more promoted. Since when its a festival with huge amounts of people the chance are pretty big that there are much people around and then there will always be somebody who notice you.
im the same , i found you guys by pure chance, thank goodness i did, u guys are something else ,,,, in a god way!

its quite annoying living in australia as this kinda music isnt too big like it is in Europe. Its pure hell trying to find cd's, as there are only specialty shops that may provide us with such music.

however if u live in Aus check out Jb Hifi, big corporate company blah blah blah, but they have a suprisingly vast range.