10,000 posts in this forum

Woohoo IS the word! Yippee, yahoo, yeehaaa! :D Tidy work tiger, uniting Opethians worldwide! :cool:
Hopefully not :) The database is only taking up around 30MB for the entire forum system, so ya'll need to be a bit more chattier if yis wanna fill my server ;)

It is my desire to never prune or set limits on any of our forums. Although donations for a dedicated machine are always welcome :p
Originally posted by _Transparent_
yay, well done:) everyone is so quick to reply to threads on this forum, i post one and not even 5 minutes later its already got 3 or 4 replies
That can get annoying when u have to go away for while. Like with that god one I came back after 2 days and there were 80 bloody replies :mad: :D don't mind really tho
i know i havent done a whole lot of posting here yet, but that will change........cause i really want a human head :)
Jay......straight from the Country music capital of the world......HEEEE HAAAWW