A Better Idea than all of these Re-Releases


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While I will probably buy the BWP re-release (if it's released in the U.S.), this whole round of re-releases (the candlelight reissues included) by Opeth (or, more accurately, their various record labels), sorta pisses me off. On one hand I understand re-releases if the recording sounds horribly dated or is unavailable in a particular country, I'm annoyed when year-old albums get re-released with bonus tracks. Couldn't there be some better way for the new material to be released, while not screwing long-time fans? I have an idea: Re-release all of the albums with their bonus goodies (so new fans will benefit by getting the latest versions), but also compiling all of the bonus tracks on these issues onto a single (or double CD) and sell it separately. I know this probably won't happen, cuz when metal labels find a band with a large fanbase they will always try to milk as much money out of them as they can, but couldn't the band step in and release these tracks as a fans only type of deal. I don't know whether there are copyright issues (I guess the labels own the album masters), but this would seem much fairer than what's going on now. Hopefully this won't be a big ongoing problem (like with the Fear Factory Digipaks, but at least Roadrunner has the sense to release the 2 versions simultaneously these days...) but this has been troubling me a bit. Sorry for rambling guys (and gals).
Opeth is one step from doing the ultimate sellout movement and release a greatest hits album

Misanthrope ( who wished chuck was alive just so he could kick his fucking ass for allowing a greatest hits album from death )