If you bought the Opeth "Tin Can" re-releases...

I have the Orchid tin, because I didn't have Orchid in the first place. The tin is nice because it fits in my pocket much more easily than a regular jewel case. I can hardly find Orchid anywhere anyway, so why not rerelease it.

you can put your weed in it...

i just want the first 3 records without the bonus tracks. i have morning rise. but not orchid or my arms.

im not activly looking or buying them though atm. iv spent alot of money elsewhere. but if i see it in passing i will pick em up
I will be buying the still life remaster

because its remastered.. obviously ;p
One bad things about OCD and tins...
I have the regular, jewel case version of Orchid and the tin editions of MAYH and Morningrise (didn't have 'em already and saw them on Ebay). However, if I put the tins in chronological order with the rest of my Opeth cds, they fuck up the stack. I haven't quite decided where to put them. They are sittin at my desk currently.