A rant about the metal community

KingsEvilScreamer said:
Why is it that even into the 21st century, there are still groups of people among the metal community who still live under the mentality that if it's not "fast and brutal", it is not metal? Why are there still people out there who think that in order to be "metal elite", you have to dress a certain way, or act over the top? I was reading a review for the Opeth dvd, and someone actually said they took the dvd back, because Opeth was "too polite". Just in my own 20 year lifetime, I've seen the genre of heavy metal grow in ways that no one could ever imagine, yet there are still people who believe that in order to be a metalhead, you have to act like a big, dumb, aggressive jerk. Doesn't that just further the thousands of stereotypes we already receive? Just because a person is into metal, doesn't mean they have to carry the attitude of "Oh, I'm metal, so I'm gonna act like a jerk." If you're gonna return your Opeth dvd because the guys in Opeth don't act like complete dicks, then be my guest. But don't get terribly mad when you become the target of ridicule for acting like just another dumb metalhead.
It's funny because you have a Mayhem album cover as your avatar, and Mayhem were the worst offenders of what you apparently despise.
The Hubster said:
I posted what I did because I have passion for what I love, not because I want people to think I'm cool.

I don't have to prove my honesty to you. Only the honest need agree and share the same passions for their interests.

I didn't ask you to, and I'm not sure the question is as much honesty as recognition of your own psyche.

To me, it's clear what is happening here. "I'll post a list more diverse and weird than anyone else, and everyone will be like, whoah," is the thought.
How open-minded of you to make assumptions about people you don't even know and then throw them into your classification box.

I actually posted that list in the hope that a few others might also appreciate the stuff I like too. It's hardly wierd or more elite, I simply love music and that's all there is to it.

If you have more assumptions to make, perhaps you should look in a mirror and clear your own insecurities before you go branding assumptions on other people.

You're probably one of those people who never asks questions, and assumes they know everything there is to know... while still at the age of nineteen.

Go and finish your homework before Mommy says go to bed.
*Groan* This discussion isnt about my post declaring I'm trying to be different. I know where I stand and thats all matters. For Gods sake, all I was doing was sharing my musical taste and I get hammered for it? What the fuck is that?

I come to this forum to get away from arguments like this! Can we please resume with this discussion?
The only person that gives a shit about your "personal" musical taste is you.

Don't share it, and you won't be hassled.

Otherwise, expect to be given shit by people who couldn't care less about the crap you listen to in your off time when you chime in to champion your individuality.

Don't think that you aren't free of bias, and that you didn't post that bullshit without a reason behind it, beyond the insipid "victimized" reason you've already given.
i think its always the same and this thing about belonging to a scene or not and about clothes is always the same . when now everybody is saying hes not a member of this scene or doesnt need to dress in black cause youre so cool and individual you must be different , then who the hell are all this people joining concerts ,festivals and listening to metal music . we must say its a scene we all belong to . and what is wrong with that ? i agree still with some points .
here in vienna we have people that are of age and will go to small children like about fourteen fifteen and will quarrel with them cause they dont wear the correct clothes and even want them to remove bandshirts and shoes and let them go home like that ! thats just shit , nothing else . but i guess everybody can choose what he wants to wear . like it is with everything else . everybody must do what he thinks is ok with him or her. so , i myself will still wear a bandshirt if i like to . but when i go to the market or to the tabbaco store i must not put on make up and wear "metal" clothes , no . but till today it never happened that somebody quarreled with me because of my clothes may are not metal enough or something like that , but i would appreciate them to do so then ill love it to talk them against the wall .