The mandate of the metal community

Oblivious Maximus said:

I wear band shirts because I like the band. End of story.

Same here, although I usually try to pick up shirts from my favourite albums, but I have a few tour shirts from shows that I didn't make it to. I don't wear anything from a band I'm not really fond of, no matter how they're viewed in the metal community.
Stormwatch said:
You think metal was "created" to oppose something specific GoD? Who exactly did this spontaneous creating? I'd have thought it was just a bunch of guys making music they liked. I can't really see Tony Iommi sitting down and saying to the rest of BS, "Let's fucking oppose this and that - we'll write this heavy evil music, that'll show 'em!"
Suggesting the early metal bands were writing music and adopting an image just to "oppose" something makes it sound like it was all calculated instead of something that just evolved over time.

I say "oppose", let's instead say "provide a darker, more real alternative to", or something.
AsModEe said:
I don't own a single band shit. I doubt your clothes are what make you a metalhead.

Nice typo. :tickled:

People who have millions of band t-shirts are gay. I'd rather spend my money on actual albums than shirts.
Glampers said:
Nice typo. :tickled:

People who have millions of band t-shirts are gay. I'd rather spend my money on actual albums than shirts.
:lol: I never saw that, thx for telling me. Like you said, I spend most my money on albums and none on merchandise.
The "brotherhood" posturing found in most traditional metal circles is immature at best and should've died in the early '80s

my fellow metal fans a "family" or "community"

you could easily replace the "metal circles" and "metal fans" with the word "Juggalos"
they consider themselves "family", it's just a creepy substitute for the relationships that should have been your biological siblings
I have a respectable quantity of metal shirts, which were almost totallly acquired spanning almost 3 decades (I've just realized this) from a) the band, b) at gigs or c) as bundles with the album. I only have a few shirts that I've got because I just wanted to have them due my likeness of the album they show. The oldest shirts I have are: Testament - The New Order (bought in 90' or 91' with the album, worn AS FUCK) and 2 Cannibal Corpse shirts: EBTL (94' most probably, also worn as fuck) and The Bleeding (late 94' or early '95, it's almost light grey now with some small holes here and there, totally worn as hell).

Metal as a community seems more like a joke than anything to me. Metal is nerdy, sure, but for me, forums are more than enough to share that nerdism from time to time.