Womanizing, Mysogyny and Libertinism.


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Apr 13, 2017
It would seem that in the world of heavy metal a solid mysogynistic womanizing force is somewhat non-existent. In the 1980's there were plenty of pop oriented metal bands who drove a strong female audience crazy but these days all you see is anything but. Women like a tune they can dance to and this was why other genres of music have taken over metal's once fanatical female crowd. Do you think metal has a chance at attracting women on the scale that pop oriented metal bands of the 1980's once did, or do you think metal is on an irreversible crash course with extinction?
Interesting question. I like to think that metal doesn't need to attract female listeners, instead they should come looking for it themselves. Since most of female population likes lifeless melodic music with no meaning it should come as no surprise that metal is disregarded as "just a noise". However, I personally believe that metal can make a comeback, but it would be a slow process. Slow, but possible.
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It's a good thing that all of that plastic drivel and pop-style crowd drawing has died off (though Ghost seem to have tapped into that phenomenon somewhat) and now instead you get mostly genuine metal fans of all sorts.
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In my opinion this doesn't only have to do with attracting women. If metal were to attract more women these days, it would consequently attract more men as well and create a wider audience, thus making it more popular. But the real question is: Would metal still be the same if made mainstream?
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I've seen no evidence to suggest that more female fans generates more male fans, any examples you could give me where this has been the case?
How about Steel Panther? They encourage women to go on stage during their shows, who enjoy the attention, and men also go because they enjoy the sight of tits and their increased likelihood of getting pussy.
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Yes but those men were probably already metalheads. You seemed to imply that more woman fans would bring more men into metal.
where i live the metal scene doubled since five years ago. i don't think it's on its way to extinction. also, there are many new promising bands that have emerged in the last years. in my opinon metal will never die, it's a very popular genre among young people
Yes but those men were probably already metalheads. You seemed to imply that more woman fans would bring more men into metal.
i think most musicians kinda sort of choose between having mostly male fans or mostly female fans
most metalheads are gonna be male
where as most fans of Justin Beiber, One Direction, Carly Rae Jepson, are going to be female

can anyone really think of any musician/band that actually has something really close to exactly half the fans male and the other half female??
In the 80’s and 90’s there was less social awareness, and women’s sexuality seemed to be focused (groomed) around doing what men wanted them to do and acting like they were “into it”...times have changed. I love a lot of hair metal, but looking at the lyrics/behavior now that I’m older- it really paints a lot of those bands/members out to seem like borderline pedophiles...women should be able to enjoy music without having to “put out” for the band members or male fans...
In the 80’s and 90’s there was less social awareness, and women’s sexuality seemed to be focused (groomed) around doing what men wanted them to do and acting like they were “into it”...times have changed. I love a lot of hair metal, but looking at the lyrics/behavior now that I’m older- it really paints a lot of those bands/members out to seem like borderline pedophiles...women should be able to enjoy music without having to “put out” for the band members or male fans...

just replace the word pedophile with "serial rapist"
a huge amount of the males who went through the effort that it took to become famous 80's musicians just also happened to be the kind of guys who would have been male sluts without the fame
and then the guys who were in their 20's-30's in the 1980's just didn't try to hide the fact that they were slutty males
before the 80's you had male celebs who were male sluts but they were just more discreet about it
there's tons of women who claim to have had sex with Sinatra and Elvis, and the whole world's convinced that Kennedy fucked Marilyn Monroe but the general public doesn't really usually think about that instantly when you say those names the same way everyone automatically thinks "male sluts" when you say "Motley Crue"
Women generally like more than just energy. They do love music with some heart and soul. But metal today has none of that. It used to have energy, heart and soul. All the metal I hear lately is just violent and radical shit that nobody likes. I did some live filming a couple of years back and these hate metal bands would show up at a bar I know is usually packed on a Saturday night--especially in the summer--and yet each time I went there to film a hate metal band not one person ever walked into the door! This is true. Nobody came in for a beer and nobody outside of the bands friends that tagged along with them came in the bar to see them. They played for a complete empty audience. To some degree this makes filming the bands easier but when editing the footage you got to add an audience from another band into the scene to enhance the band's image, making them look popular. And yeah, we made these bands look real good and still they could not sell!

Look, I'll level the playing field right now. If metal wants to ever complete against rap then it needs to be different from rap. Trying to be more violent and hateful is not working folks. Trying to make artists like like glam rockers is going to cut it either. I don't know about the rest of you but I for one like winning. If metal wants to seriously win and gain that metal edge then it need to become rebellious again but in a different way. No more communist bands and Nazi marches. This is nothing that people can relate to. Now I'm a vocalist and at one time was training to become world class, as I wanted to be the best metal vocalist the world had ever known. Simply put, I lived in an area where I could not get a start. I had the talent needed but no start was available for me and I didn't want to move to California to do it. But I can still sing today. Younger people hear me sing and say they would like metal if artists approach song as I did. Then I show them my inspiration which is melody master Anneke van Giersbergen and love her as well, while at the same time a little taken back that my main vocal influence is a female. Sure, I have tons of male vocal role models. But Anneke is the melody machine which I admire more than all other artists out there. And clearly I am able to come up with my own melodies which have a similar effect on people.

So lets break down years of social experiments in music. If you wanna win you have to learn how to sing and sing really damn good! I saw myself as training for the Olympics. I kept myself in damn good physical shape and didn't use any drugs or smoke. You wanna win then you have to complete against the world. For metal music is a highly competitive field and if you don't have what it takes then you won't change anything. Metal needs dynamos once again! Men who sing like men but are not afraid to show their soft and tender side as many a great makle singer had a soft side. Frank Sinatra was a tough man but not afraid to get up in front of other men and sing a love song. Classical and jazz fused with metal is real good. Perhaps some folk elements along the lines of Gordon Lightfoot would be fused in with metal. But some may say, 'How can you do all that?' Well, listening to a wide variety of music will get you in touch with many different styles of music. In time you have enough knowledge and experience to write you own fusion --- yea, fusion. This movement requires a shitload of musical talent. Yes, might want to learn music theory first. The Europeans are like 25 to 30 years a head of America musicians. When metal died in America it was still thriving in Europe. There is much to learn from European music culture. Apart from that Europe sucks and has no culture of its own anymore.

Women love a man who knows how to carry a tune. Sing sincerely and with strength as well as softness. Sing with more than one emotion and capture many aspects of human life making yourself more sellable to a wide range of music fans. Fusion is how you get her done. Its like an MMA fighter, mixed martial arts fighting. But you are not fighting but writing music. But this music is Fused Metal. You say, its been done before. But has it been done enough? And has it been done well in America? And has it been done right? I say it hasn't. Even at my age, if I had the ability to get music done I would prove that fusion will steal the rap audience from underneath their noses. I've had many young people who heard a human sing for the first time in their lives and say if they heard more people sing as I did they would listen to metal. I also played the new Vuur for young people who have never heard a human being sing before and they were really in awe of it. YES...there are a great many people out there who have never heard a human being sing before!! With so many young people out there who have never heard singing before wouldn't it be nice to hear that art again before it goes completely extinct? What kind of world will we live in where there is no more singing? But I warn you all right now, as I am updated on the entire music market, almost no young people listen to metal anymore. I have yet to met someone under the age of 30 that does listen to metal. Is metal music dead as shit? You better damn well believe it is! And I don't give a rats ass what other marketers would say about that comment. What I said here is absolutely true. The metal market is dead. For me it doesn't matter anymore so I lose nothing if metal dies. But for the sake of music and vocal art, if people really want to bring metal back from the depths of death, and dig up the rotting corpse of metal, then new life must be breathed into the music which requires a new image and new approach, without changing the cool factor (as without the cool factor you don't have metal). For me this is all easy to do. But I'm out of the picture and could not even get things started. But some of you may live in an area where you can get a music career started. If so, then stay off drugs -- step #1. If you can't stay clean then you will not have the physical strength to beat world records at the Olympics. Yeah, you want to be the best and don't settle for less. A change in metal means a change in attitude. You want to bring metal back from the grave then you gotta score the greats that came before you and take metal music to a higher level of excellence.

Girls love melody. Melody is a gift and you cannot learn this in College. You may learn a few pointers in College which will help you increase you odds in writing melody, but you still have to be gifted. But some gifts are earned if you really truly love what you do. I started out a total ass butt trying to writing my own melodies. In time, through listening to a wide variety of music, I began to understand the art on my own and write some real damn solid melodies which would never ever be heard by anyone. Yeah, I left a legacy of nothing behind me. But that don't matter. What does matter is what you think matters. Do you want to see metal come back or are our you content with the strategy of failure? Last I heard, there was a rumor going around that said failure doesn't win. Winning is through melody. The greatest songs of all time were very melodic songs. And a melody sung with true conviction sounds so much different than a melody sung with no conviction.

Soul. Music without soul. What the hell is that? Its called dog shit where I'm from. All this radical militant atheism and Antifa style liberalism and what has been lost in all this radical materialism of the soul? Ah...the soul. Singing without soul sounds like total dog shit. If you want to sound like an empty dead shell of nothingness then you will sound like a total dead shell of a rotten corpse of nothingness. How unattractive. Ever heard of the Immortal Beloved? What is the meaning of the Immortal Beloved? Do you know? Do you want to know? Will you seek it? Do you care? I can tell you its much deeper than you think! You add soul with true genuine monogamous romance and you win a few million fans right off the start. Then finish the other 10 songs on your album and win millions of more fans.
Singing with soul doesn't mean singing over-emotionally either. It don't mean sounding like a transgender either. Is there more to life than an origin of pond scum? Are we just lucky apes who became naked and sexier looking? Seriously now, if you want to learn soul you're gonna have to at very least accept the existence of the soul! I find nothing deep or romantic about singing songs about pond scum. If metal had more soul it would appeal a whole lot more. Some say, 'Oh you're a sell out poser glam pussy cunt rocker!' Ah, no. I'm an artist who spent my career tying to break away from posers like that and others.

Art. Is it art or a mean to blow your load? If all you want is to blow your load and be like Sammy Hagar and run outta cum and shoot spiffs of air burst during sex then perhaps you might want to become a raper and have as much sex as you want until you get an std or get shot by a close friend who became jealous of your nightly bangs. Simpy stated, art is not motivated by having sex and releasing your load every night. Sure, you may indeed find a benefit somewhere along the line of something worth while which goes beyond the concert groupie hype. And maybe that should motivate you to think more about music instead of the benefits of success. For unless you are successful none of your goals are reality. Music and singing is an art. This means you have to respect all great artists regardless of their beliefs or political views. Be creative and break away from the stupidity of rap which, as of right now, conquers you.

There isn't many people on this earth that would love to see rap challenged more than me. Its a stupid music with no love, no brains, no art, no soul, no emotion, no connection with reality, and no talent. A clean break away from dumb styles of metal might just be all that is needed to conquer the music Industry. But...

Image. Time to change the image. Going a little light on the bad boy image might be a wise idea. Be a man but be a man who knows he's a man. And how does a man who knows he's a man act like? He acts normal. He is modest but strong in mind and will. Let the man's strength come out in powerful vocals and in heart. Roar like a lion but do so with love and decency. Dress normal but confident in your art. Don't look like the geek squad but don't look like womanizers and prison inmates either. Time to kill the Satan image. Seriously folks the black metal era is over. It was fun while it lasted and some good talent did come out of that scene. But lets break from the obsession with evil and just be men again. Shit, country singers are more successful then metal musicians! What is their appeal? Their men...their real men. Their not angry boys making loud noise. They are confident men. Confident in who they are. Metal don't have to have the same image as country but it can at least shed the angry boy act. I mean, seriously, some of these metal bands look and sound like angry boys trapped in men's bodies. Its like their dad told them to mow the lawn when they were younger and they got so mad that when they got older they were compelled to get back at their dad for asking them to mow the lawn and they sing like they're still pissed at dad because he asked them to mow the law. So just mow the damn lawn already and get it done! Afterward start a metal band and focus your energies on things others can also relate to. Write music everyone can enjoy and you might be surprised at the outcome.

Be cool. Metal is cool. Its always been cool. You simply cannot take away the cool factor from metal. So be classy and cool at the same time and you win. You can still look cool and sound cool without being an angry boy. Women are not attracted to angry boys. Unfortunately, they are attracted to angry men. This is where you come in. You be a real man and steal the women from the angry men. Metal wins. That simple.

Now please for once write some good metal music for once! Gees, been a long long time since I heard a killer male vocalist.

Oh, be long winded. No vocalist is ever complete without those long winded scales. Hold those notes for 48 days straight while getting the entire song recorded in the studio. Yeah, that was an exaggeration but you get the picture. Right now metal just outright sucks. You wanna win you got to work for it. Keep control over your own mind. Control your impulses. Stay focused on a goal and make it happen. Keep it real.

Well, what I said was true. I've worked with many younger people and none of them below the age of 30 listen to metal. Metal music is at an all time low and its because the bands being pushed today totally and completely and thoroughly suck and they such something fierce. I have gone to what usually are very busy bars on a Saturday night to film hate metal bands. Its summer time and not one person entered the bar to even buy a single beer. This was not just one occasion either. If metal don't do change and become something better (and not something more evil) then metal music will become the new polka. Now how many fans of polka do you know? I don't know any.
What the fuck is "hate metal"?
Metal that only manages to capture hate. I also call it Nazi metal because every song sounds like Nazis killing Jews. It sucks and nobody listens to it. It has zero appeal and I've been saying this ever since the movement began. I mean, when you cannot meet one person under the age of 30 who listens to metal its goes to show you just how bad metal has become.

So I've asked many young people I've worked with questions about music. Some of the people I've worked with have never even heard a human being sing before! No shit! These are the type who have heard nothing but rap their entire life. I played Vuur for them and it was the first time they ever heard a human sing before and Anneke was the first vocalist they heard. They didn't know what to think about it. They didn't know how she was doing that with her voice. It was so different from rap. They didn't mind it at all but it wasn't rap so they knew it wasn't popular and people under the age of 30 listen solely to what is popular which is rap. Only two people out of all the younger people I've worked with heard of Queensryche and both of them were above the age of 40. Nobody under the age of 30 has ever heard of the band. Yet everyone has heard of or heard AC/DC and Iron Maiden. One guy I worked with started to play Nazi metal but his co-workers laughed at him so hard he had to shut it off.

Having filmed numerous bands back between 2010 and 2012, I noticed to how I never saw one person walk into a bar to see any of these hate metal bands. Never a single person to came in. Just the film crews and the crews that came in with the bands. These bars are usually packed on a Saturday night, especially in the summer. But blues band had large audiences and country bands had large audiences. But I have never one time seen a single person attend a Hate metal gig. Why? Because it absolutely sucks! No matter how well you film these bands they cannot sell. Nothing you can do for them will help them gain new fans. Why? Because they suck!

But I have asked younger people who listen to rap only that if they heard more men and women approach metal vocals like Anneke does in Vuur if they would like metal music. 100% of hem replied positively. While singing is strange to people who listen to rap only it is not such a taboo that they would write it off. All the Mexicans I've worked with love singing, even those who listen to rape. They listen to everything. But the whites and blacks listen to rap only and some techno.

Simply stated, metal music is very rapidly becoming the next Polka. I don't know of anyone who listens to Polka who is beneath the age of 65. I don't know of a single person who listens to metal under the age of 30. So if metal wants to increase sales again somethings got to change. Hint hint...less evil and less hateful. Vuur should be the model of perfection for new ideas to be based off of. If Americans don't start learning some music lessons from the Europeans than I guarantee you that metal will officially be at Polka status by 2030!

I've followed the market so many years and have always been accurate in my market predictions. I knew if metal music could not produce the quality male singers like it was female singers that metal would be where it is today -- nowhere. My prediction was right then as it is now. Its a matter of knowing the psychology of music and what people love about music in general and what has made music such a power part of our lives for so long. Its all a matter of artistic survival. You either want to survive and thrive or you want to go extinct like Polka.

Metal is the new Polka by 2030 if things don't change real soon! My predictions of the metal market are always correct and never wrong. I've been following the market for several years and even now know the market very well. There is nothing appealing about hate metal that will sell to anyone.