A tattoo for Spiffo

You seen these ones?






Luvin the Killers Tat,

SPIFF thats a better pick for you, no BOLLOCKS for ya mates to have a gork at....:yow:

I seen the Killers one before and also the Piece Of Mind tat, this dude had three or four maiden tats looked the shit....BASTARD:lol:

Had a good look at the maiden poster looks really shit hot closs up, great detail.
Hey Sprucey, that black & white Icarus is actually quite close to the style I'm going for. I must have missed it before, too busy saying that I didn't want the Killers tat. :)
Took that picture in to the tattoo place and said they needed a bigger, clearer picture (cos my printer ain't the best). I said "Well, just that general sort of thing, you don't have to work off that" and the guy said, "No, we'll work off that, that's great".

Woohoo. So I'll print it on the superduper printer at work tomorrow and then pop back in tomorrow arvo. Rockin'.
Not yet. I dropped off the pic a couple of days before I flew to Sydney for the grand final but haven't heard anything since. That's OK because I kind of blew all my tattoo money since then, so I'm no longer in a hurry to get it. :)