acoustic guitar with piezo pu's - recommendations?


Jul 27, 2005
hey there,

any recommendations as far as acoustic (steel string) guitars with piezo pickups go?
i only have experience with electric guitars, aside from an old POS nylon stringed classical guitar, so i basically have no clue as far as the acoustic market is concerned.

i'm going to play a few small bar gigs with a female singer, just the two of us. we'll probably use a small PA system just for vocals and the guitar, hence the piezo thing.
i also want to use it for the occasional acoustic guitar recording, just to add the acoustic texture to clean guitar parts. keep in mind that i'm not going to record a full acoustic project or sth, maybe 2-3 sections in a full album, so it doesn't have to be top notch quality by any stretch.

budget is like 400 euro tops, steel strings, cutaway, decent fret access and playability, and a nice balanced sound that's pretty versatile is what i'm looking for. style wise it's going to be mainly chords and the usual rock guitar clean stuff, i'm not a good classical finger picking guitarist anyways ;-)

any ideas would be quite helpful :)