Acoustic music recommendations?


Oct 15, 2001

Probably due to the time of year, I've been listening a lot to these albums:

Empyrium, Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays
Tenhi, Kauan
Ulver, Kveldssanger

Does anyone know other albums like these that I can try out?
I Second that....

Nick Drake is pretty awesome....very relaxing...i read in an interview a while back that Nick Drake was one of Michael's inspirations or whatever, and i guess you can kinda see it...good stuff nonetheless...
Thanks for the reminder, Nick Drake is a guy I've been meaning to try for a long time.

I do have an Ataraxia album, the one based on Phantom of the Opera. It is great.
haha, i was just going to come on here and suggest analog_kid's music, which i just listened to. but i see he beat me to it! :tickled: i love it. it fits perfectly with the picture of tennessee he posted. beautiful. of the three initially mentioned, i've only heard ulver and it's nothing like that, so maybe it's not what you're looking for. but give it a shot.
Try to find an album called "Blackmore's Kingdom". It's not really Blackmore - it's fake, but it doesn't matter. The music is beautiful and intricate, kind of folky/acoustic.

D Mullholand
I heard Southern Isolation for the first time today...and, I'm really impressed. I know Phil Anselmo is involved somehow (and its on his label), and being that I despise that dumb hick I wasn't expecting much. But wow is it good. Its acoustic dark, folk, southern rock, blues with a gorgeous female voice and heaps'o atmosphere. Really really cool. I most likely will be buying their EP. Amazon has a few low-quality samples if you are interested.
tintin; Great thread! I have thought about this myself when
listening to Empyrium and Ulver...
"There must be something as good as this out there,
I need more!" :eek:)

So, THANKS to everyone who have given me some tips! >:eek:)
*Doing some heavy searching on Audiogalaxy* >:eek:P
Searching for some Tenhi tracklists I found this site :eek:)
If you're looking for acoustic goodies try some of these bands.
The songs are ripped in bad quallity, but it gives you quite a
few good tips on bands that might be of interest :eek:)
I think I can add some new cd's to my album-wants-list! >:eek:)

There's even a band named Orplid!!
I'm thinking Opeth - Orchid, right away...
if ur looking for some pretty cool aussie acoustic music, try john butler trio (plug plug). john butler plays the 11 string like a god
If your into Opeth...which u are...check out Porcupine Tree. Very lush acoustic sounds...simple but effective.

Steve Wilson, vocalist etc, produced BWP and did some of the clean stuff on 'Bleak'.