Acoustic Opeth - Which Songs?

General Zod

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May 1, 2001
New Jersey
Which of Opeth's slower, more acoustic flavored songs would you most want to hear them perform on their "Damnation" tour? For me, there's two; "Face of Melinda" and "Benighted". Getting to hear them perform these two songs live would be incredible. I hope they won't rule out "Face of Melinda" due to its heavier middle part. I can't imagine Porcupine Tree fans scare that easily.

Not Benighted . Face Of Melinda and To Bid You Farewell. AND THE MOOR !! (i know it's impossible ;D)
I still haven't seen Credence live, so that'll be my first choice. I want to see To Bid You Farewell, Benighted, Face of Melinda....Patterns in the Ivy II and Still Day Beneath the Sun would be nice, too. I hope they play everything on Damnation.
if you guys said. "JUST".......and you went to the concert and they played "just" those songs you requested...............that would be shit!
i would love to see all acoustic versions of night and the silent water or possibley the apostle in triumph , i think that would rule...
I would most like to hear Harvest...atmosphere would freaking be DRIPPING all over the show with that song.


#3 Face of Melinda (once again, ATMOSPHERE!)
I'd love to hear Face of Melinda, Benighted and Patterns In The Ivy II.
And of course To Bid Your Farewell!

IMO Madrigal really has to lead into The Amen Corner, which is a song they surely won't play due to its asskicking heavyness... so I doubt we'll get Madrigal. ;)
The Master said:
I'm not gonna be there, but just Patterns In The Ivy and Sillhouette would be cool to hear.