An Opethian problem...


cheating the polygraph
Apr 29, 2001
dead between the walls problem is that I've been using the invented adjective Opethian far too much. I estimate that I have included the word in nearly half of my Opethian posts...there I go again! I can tell when I'm having a distinctively Opethian moment, but I don't know how to define exactly what an Opethian moment is...
Let me see if I can help - seeing I was the first to create the word "Opethian". [at least I think I was].

When I came up with Opethian, it was my explanation of the unexplained reason why I was drawn in by the aura of Opeth. I knew immediately that the music was a gateway to something more, and when my vision became clear, I felt Opethian. Yes, their music is some of the greatest works I have heard. But hell, look at this messageboard. This is more than any other I have visited.

I don't think there is an individual Opethian moment other than the initial time you realized the big picture. Beyond that, you are already an Opethian who is encountering new experiences.
yeah, I can see your problem, loads of people also seem to have a problem with the definition of the word Goth and how it should be applied, my suggestion is that you define for yourself what an opethian moment would entail and then use it accordingly.