Anathema - Resonance


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Anathema - Resonance
Peaceville CDVILE82 2001
By Russell Garwood

Resonance, Anathema’s latest release, is a compilation of their “more mellow moments”. The opening songs, from the pre-eternity era, all stand wonderfully alone, showing Anathema have always been able to write heart-wrenching quiet music. There are several rarities, such as acoustic songs (“eternity (part 3)” and “far away”), a truly amazing orchestral version of “The Silent Enigma”, two Pink Floyd covers (“One Of The Few” and “Goodbye Cruel World”), and a version of Bad Religion’s “Better Off Dead”. Among these there are well chosen album tracks which work very well.

Unfortunately the atmosphere created in the early songs is ruined by a badly recorded live version of “Angelica” towards the end of the album, in which the audience virtually drown out the band. Apart from this, however, all the songs flow remarkably well, showing Anathema are just as adept at making quiet melancholic music as they are loud, in-case there was ever any doubt in your mind. The video of “Hope” is also included, which is a nice additional feature.

This album is well worth buying for any Anathema fan, if only for the orchestral version of “The Silent Enigma” among the other rarities. One things is for sure however, this is not “the ultimate chill out album for the metallic masses”, the music has such emotional depth, unless you are devoid of all feeling, you won’t be able to chill out with this in the background.