Any gamers here?

MiniMurray said:
During the day, I've been playing alot of the Carmen San Diego series, my fav is Where in the USA? Also, The Clue Finders has some great ones out now; The Mystery of the Missing Amulet is challenging and the characters are likable. Also, RollerCoaster Tycoon, MotoRacer2, Madden, Gearhead Garage, Bejeweled, Reader Rabbit, and BluesClues.
When I come home from work, ;) I've been playing Pharoah, Black&White (my monkey was EVIL!), Dune, Alice, and Monopoly Tycoon.
That adds up to like 10+ gaming hours a day, plus playing guitar~ I seriously had to lay off the games awhile back when my wrist started going numb.... and I started dreaming in pixels!

OMG, a hottie that rips at guitar, plays in a Maiden Tribute band AND plays games!!!!!!11

I'm in love!!!!!!!!

Alice is truly an awesome game, great environmental sound and music along with brilliant effects. Wondering what kinda a twist American McGee is going to put on their new off-kilter "Oz" game.

As far as Tycoon titles go, I have alot of fun with Zoo Tycoon. I like making a glorious "Big Cat Park". Then, I knock down some key fences and all hell breaks loose! ='.'=