Any news?


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May 30, 2001
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Any news on Aglloch? putting anything new out soon? Anyone know anything.

Also fer the few'o you who may care: TAAKE has recorded main tracks for their longly waited second album again at Grieghallen.
Thats from wounded Love Records page... I can't wait...
Agalloch is putting out an MCD this summer, mainly old material, one new song, and a cover song. 5 songs total I believe. I think they're working on new material and I'm pretty sure I heard it will be available for release summer of 2002. Check out www.theendrecords in the news section for more about the MCD.
Man it sucks we've got to wait that long for a full-length cd of new material by Agalloch. Well, at least the MCD might hold me over for a little while.