Anyone know much about windows??


Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane Australia
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Well...I tried to install internet explorer and it fucked up big time, so I deleted it, not thru uninstall, just manually, cause the uninstall thing wasnt wroking, and now I cant load up either netscape or icq because of some OLE error..something about them not intializing and I should check that the ole libraries are the correct does this mean?? :)

I also tried to install ie again, but for some reason it just doesnt want to work. Im gonna try get a copy off someone at uni, but im just wondering if theres anything I can do to fix the problem now.

Any ideas anyone????? Cause Im fresh out :)
Tell me a bit more about your system...

What operating system? (Win95 / 98 / Me / 2k, etc.)
How much Ram, how big is your HDD?
How fast is your CPU (and is it overclocked)?
How long has your OS been installed on there for?
Are you running any anti-virus software?

I know some of these questions seem irrelevant, but it'll all help!

I'm a computer nerd by day when I'm not on tour so I may be able to help! HAHA! However, by the looks of things, there's a very serious problem happening that may need a total reinstall... Be warned!
Here is my solution to everything. Format your computer and install everything again :)

It will put a new lease of life onto your computer. It will once again be fast. Of course it means losing everything but thems the breaks :cry:
Originally posted by ironcross
Here is my solution to everything. Format your computer and install everything again :)

It will put a new lease of life onto your computer. It will once again be fast. Of course it means losing everything but thems the breaks :cry:

That's my favorite solution as well. And while you're at it, if you don't want to lose everything, repartion your disk so you've got a spare drive that doesn't get zapped when you format.

Also a good idea if it's Win ME (in particular, or just Win in general): hold the CD in both hands in front of you. Now snap the thing in half and throw it to the shitheap. Just make sure you close your eyes when you break it, cause those CD's shatter like nothing else.

And an even better idea: repartition and install Win 98se for games, and use a *nix (i.e. Linux etc) for everything else. (admittedly I'm not following this advice myself, but I'm weaning myself off M$ at the moment)
Yeah, a fresh install works wonders... I recommend doing that every six months or so, especially if you're into trying out demo software, and especially games! But BACKUP!!! I lost so much shit by being careless during my first couple of reinstalls!

For Icarus' problem, if it's Win95 he's using, you can normally fix the problem he's having by installing the Dialup Networking 1.3 upgrade. If it's Win98 (hopefully 98se - first edition sucks!), uninstalling and reinstalling TCP/IP helps too... But I'll wait to hear the specs before I say anymore...

Anyone here use Win2k? Very cool but man, is it resource hungry! Nice for it to give you the option during setup to NOT install Solitaire & Fax & all the dis abled user stuff! Thanx, Billy G! :( I'll have to chuck the latest Mandrake Linux on my machine again when I get some time - KDE WM rules! :)

(I'll go now before anyone sees my pocket protector and thick coke-bottle end glasses! HAHAHAHA!)
Ok Lord timmy heres me specs

What operating system? (Win95 / 98 / Me / 2k, etc.) : Win95
How much Ram, how big is your HDD? : 32 Mb ram, 2 gig HDD
How fast is your CPU (and is it overclocked)? : 150 pentium and it aint overclocked
How long has your OS been installed on there for? Holy shit since the beginning...a few years :)
Are you running any anti-virus software? yeah acafee (that spelt right?) antivirus

Also I cant open notepad and a jpg view (photosuite I think it is). I get the same error of Ole not intializing, and for some reason MsWord does open because there isnt enough memory and HDD space, or something to that effect. I cant quite remember.
Originally posted by Seventh Son
Easy solution: Sell your PC and buy a MAC.

Heh. Mac. Good one. But the guy's got a serious problem, and you're here cracking jokes.

(I see a flame war starting! My computer/OS is better than yours. About time we had one)

Iccy: I think that given your specs, a full reinstall is long overdue. Stick with 95 (98 will be a dog, and ME/2000 wont run at all, I think you'll find). I used to have a very similar machine (except I had a 6 gig HD and overclocked it to 166Mhz)

If you can't even open notepad (about the smallest Win app there is) then you have real problems.
What version did you try to install?

Go to start/settings/add-remove programs and see if the new version of IE that you started installing shows up in the list, if it does then remove it.
Also uninstall netscape
right click on network neiborhood and properties. Remove the tcp/ip protocall then reboot
Go there again and add the tcp/ip protocall again then reboot.
install netscape again
dial up to your isp
go to start/ run and type winipcfg and hit enter
press the release ip button
then reniew ip
you may have to install your isp's software if your using somthing like aol
try and get on the net

PS don't even consider getting a mac unless you like paying twice as much for a computer that is half as good
All good suggestions ('cept for the Mac one! HAHAHAHA!)...

Here's my advice and you should know that before you even start downloading any of this stuff that your system may be just too hosed to even benefit from this stuff and a reformat / reinstall may be necessary anyway... But, if you want to give this a go first, it can save you hours of backing up and reinstalling...

Since you're using Win95, you'd definitely stand to throw in a couple of upgrades, specifically:

Dialup Networking 1.3 , Windows Socket Update - Kernel 32 and Windows Socket 2 Update - especially if you're using Win95 or Win95a (Win95b or OSR2 fixed a lot of bugs in the initial release)

Windows 95 Year 2000 Update just 'cos :)

If you're running the first version of Win95 (right-click My Computer and choose Properties - if it says the version is build 950, it's the first edition), grab Windows 95 Service Pack 1 and Windows 95 OLE 32 Update (this will likely fix your OLE errors).

You can grab all of these files here:

You should install the Service pack and OLE update first, then the 2 Windows Socket Updates, and then Dialup Networking 1.3 (and if it says there's newer versions of the files during the install, say you want to keep them - the installer is a bit dumb).

OK, after you've done all of that, DISABLE McAfee and try to install Internet Explorer 5.01 then - sometimes AntiVirus programs can interfere with installations. Make sure it's IE 5.01 - 5.5 can cause problems on some systems too.

All I can say is good luck! Personally, I'd backup and reinstall - there's a lot of problems on your machine! However, I'd also download and install all of these patches anyway after the reinstall - Win95 has got some nasty problems that are adressed in these patches! (But I agree with Phloggy - don't upgrade to Win98, it'll run like shit on a P150 with 32meg RAM!)

Let us know how you go! :)

Uh didnt work heheheh

But I didnt get a chance to install the win2000 update or the service pack cause the disks I had em on where gonna try again after I get em today..I hope it'll work. Looks like I'll be a formatting ;)
I was afraid of that...

Yeah, it looks VERY much like a reinstall in necessary....

Make sure you back up EVERYTHING - EG: your e-mail (if you're using Outlook Express, your e-mail is in the strangest places on your drive - be warned!), bookmarks, etc. before you reinstall!

I recommend getting hold of a Win98 boot disk. I know you're using Win95, but the Win98 boot disk has CD ROM drivers on it that will let you set up Windows properly, right from DOS.

Basically, these are the steps you'd take to put a fresh Win95 back on your machine:

1. BACKUP EVERYTHING!!! Then check to see if you've backed up everything! If you're not sure where something is, ask here...

2. Make sure you have a Win98 boot disk and your Win95 CD, plus any driver CDs you need for your video card, sound card, etc. handy.

3. Boot the system with the Win98 boot disk and select START MY COMPUTER WITH CD ROM SUPPORT. It'll look around for your CD ROM and other PCI devices. Make sure that by the end of it, you've seen it mention that it's assigned a drive letter to your CD ROM, normally E: (It'll load a RAM Disk to D: where your CD ROM normally is for some reason).

4. Check to see if you can go into your CD ROM: Put your Win95 disk in and type E: <enter> then dir <enter>. You should see a list of all of the files and folders on your Win95 CD. If not, STOP NOW - there's a problem. Try D: or F: instead of E: and see how you go though - I'm not sure how many drives you have set up, etc.
Whatever you do, you need to be able to see a Win95 directory on your CD ROM - that's crucial!

5. Assuming everything's gone OK so far, type A: <enter> then type format C: /s <enter>. This will wipe your C drive and make it bootable. It'll take a while and just answer yes to any questions. You'll have to name it too, so call it whatever you like (I normally call mine SYSTEM).

6. Now we want to copy the Win95 setup files onto your hard drive. A lot of people set straight up from the CD ROM, but that can cause a lot of trouble with real-mode/protected-mode drivers later and in some horrible cases, the setup program forgets you have a CD ROM at all and dies halfway through the installation! Agh!

C: <enter>
md win95 <enter>
cd win95 <enter

This will create a Win95 directory on your C drive. Then type:

E: <enter> (or whatever you found your CD ROM letter was)
cd win95 <enter>
copy *.* C: <enter>

This will then copy everything over to your C drive's Win95 directory. You should be done copying at this stage.

7. Spit out your floppy disk and reboot the computer by pressing the Reset key (or doing CTRL+ALT+DEL). The system will restart and quickly flash up a Win95 logo, then drop you to the DOS Command prompt.

8. Let's go! Type:

cd win95 <enter>
setup <enter>

The Win95 setup should begin! Customise to your heart's content! :) Oh, one last thing, at the end, it may complain about a file called Drivespace being overwritten, it doesn't matter if what you do with this - keep it or overwrite it, it doesn't make a difference! Be creative! Surprise me! HAHAHA!

Then after all of that is done and Windows is running (make sure you use your Video and Sound driver disks to get those running again), put in all of those service packs from the other message and start reinstalling all of your crap all over again!

Good luck!!!
Wow..thanks alot Tim :)
But I have a parkard bell computer, which comes with a master disk thing, and a cd with all the software which came with it from the factory, and being a parkard bell its a computer built for dumb arses, so the installation of things should be fairly straight forward. I do have know some fella who knows some crap about comps, so im gonna give him a call and see what he thinks. But yeah looks like formatting is the only thing left to do!

I'll probaly be doing it in the weekend when I have a bit of spare time, so I'll tell ya how it goes afterwards! :D
A Packard Bell...?!

Agh! Forget everything I just said... Backup your mail, bookmarks, Kem's nudie pics (HAHAHAHA!) and use the recovery disk...!

I remember the last PB I worked on 4 or so years ago... My therapist says I'm getting better... (Unlike the Packard B.... B... Be.... AAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!)
Best solution for a Packard Bell (or any of those proprietary bastrad machines) - Fire that sucker up (as well as you can, anyway), then get yourself a can of coke, then pour about 1/2 of it slowly and carefully through the disk drive slot. Pour the rest over the keyboard.

Things go better with Coke. ;)