Anyone need some new band logos?

Well here it is in first draft.

TaylorC, I like it...but...

You think you could make it a little more symmetrical? You know?

You definitely got the "wispy" look, and it has a slightly tribal feel as well...but...Funeral Portrait has a point. There's something off about it. It just looks a little offcenter and asymmetrical, and that causes it to look amateurish as a result. I realize that it's a first draft. If you can balance it out and make it a TAD less 'sloppy' looking, that will be perfect.

Again, thanks a bunch!
TaylorC said:
Anyways, sorry about the comments, SculptedCold.
Nah, don't be sorry, i'm the one who should apologize (so I do, I apologize. =)

Flaming Death - I love that (revised) Tikdoshe logo, it reminds me strongly, for some reason, of the Enmity logo, which is one of my all time faves. It's got that brutal death feel about it, and while I don't know whether or not that is suitable, the logo by itself certainly looks awesome. Good job.

TaylorC - pretty much what anony said. I think he hit the nail on the noggin. I like your idea a lot; the blend between the symmetry of the pattern design and the assymetry of the lettering is definately a promising one, but it feels somewhat underdeveloped. Great potential though, you going to work on it more?
Hey, Sculpted, you've impressed me as well...wanna give it a shot?

At this point, someone may ask why I don't draw one myself. If I could touch a drawing utensil to paper and create art, I would. Somehow I end up inadvertently raping the paper...
Yeah, I'm still gonna give it another shot, but it wont look much like the other one I had up before. It will be more symmetrical (I'm using guides and rulers this time), but we'll see how you like it. I've almost finished it.
Bump, bump, bump,
thats the sound of the 15's
while they hitting in my trunk
Bump, bump, bump
we're the Kottonmouth Kings
and we dont give a fuck!!!
ill add something besides a bump. here are 2 other logos I have design recently a different style. One for my friends alt metal band and the other for another friends metal band. tell me what you think.