Apostle in Triumph


Doctor BenQuillity
May 7, 2001
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It's strange, but when I'm listening to Orchid, I somehow always just await for the last song to start - not to say that the other songs were bad or anything like that, but Apostle in Triumph just stands above them in any comparison, IMHO. Now that I'm listening to it this very moment, I can't but think it is THE_BEST_SONG_EVER!

-Villain (np: you know what - "...as the rain keeps falling...")
Yeah Apostle In Triumph is brilliant, I think it was #2 or 3 on my fav. Opeth songs on "The Definitive Opeth Poll" thread. Atleast thats how I was feeling at the time.
Agreed! Well, maybe not the best song ever... but that synthy part is so freakin good! Makes me want to dance a freaky jig!

NP: Apostle in Triumph - End of Reqiuem :)
When Opeth is the topic of discussion, their lighter and more progressive songs usually get most of the praise. For me, on the other hand, the more extreme side of Opeth is what I admire most about them. Demon Of The Fall and April Ethereal are my favorite Opeth songs, as they show just how creative and original brutality can be.
Although the song as a whole is easily my favorite of all.When they hit the 4 minute mark in the song if that doesnt make ya wanna rip out your own spine nothin' ever will!!
All Hail OPETH
I love Orchid (it's the best Opeth album together with Morningrise IMO), but my fave song is not Apostle. :mad:

My faves are In the Mist she was standing, and Twilight is my Robe. I love the ending of Mist (even more incredible when you think about the fact that it is the first song), and I love the raw emotion of Twilight. Akerfeldt sings (growls) his guts out there.

In Morningrise, my fave songs are Silent Water and Black Rose Immortal. To bid you farewell is the icing on an incredibly emotional album, and to me it's even more special because it was the first OPETH song I ever heard... courtesy of some Finnish FTP site some 4 years ago (Who said mp3's were bad: without them, I'd never even hear about OPETH, but I ended up liking the music so much that I had to buy all the CDs).

Anyway, I love Orchid and Morningrise because I can directly relate to the amount of emotion and craftsmanship that Akerfeldt and Co. put into these records (almost 6 years of work right?)... something I can't FULLY say for the latest work. It is good, but not great.
I haven't been listening to Opeth for that long, but i am liking 'Blackwater Park' and 'Still Life' better than their older albums. Probably because i like the melodic, more mellow side of the band. For instance, i love the end of 'The Leper Affinity' where theres that sinister, evil piano, and the little, slow acoustic melody 3/4 of the way through 'Demon Of The Fall' and also the Piano part right at the end of 'Patterns In The Ivy'. It kind of reminds me of the music at the start of the movie: 'The Game'.