Battle of the Bands Round 4: Bruce Dickinson Vs Dream Theater

Battle of the Bands Round 4: Bruce Dickinson Vs Dream Theater

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    Votes: 14 58.3%
  • Dream Theater

    Votes: 10 41.7%

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Spruce Goose

Then Goose me up woman!
Apr 17, 2001
Holy Shitballs. This is bloody hard for me. Solo Bruce or my all time fave band :)

Brucies honourable mentions are obviously Accident of Birth and Chemical Wedding. And add to that...... It's Bruce Fuckin Dickinson. This guy is one of my hero's.

Unfortunatly, he faces a very tough opposition in his first round.
Dream Theater just kick my ass every time I listen to them. I watched the SFNY DVD again last night, and 25 minutes of A Change of Seasons is the closest I have ever come to orgasming while listeneing to music :)

DT for me
Dream Theater.. but I'm sort of sad that Bruce is gonna go out the first round. I would have voted for him over many bands (Maiden possibly included)
Dream Theater for me, but this is the most difficult one yet. Anyone else here heard their cover of Perfect Strangers with Bruce on vocals? Pretty dang good!

Wish I had that show where they did a couple of Maiden tracks with him - House of Blues in LA, I think it was.
Yeah, I think its a shame that Brucey might be gone in the first round too..... but dems the breaks!

I have Bruce singing perfect strangers with DT. It is good, but I really do think thath James is the voice of DT

Spiff............. err.... sure Def Leppard are in there..........?
Bruce. He doesn't sound crap like James LaBrie and his band plays catchier, harder rocking music without 14 time changes and key changes per song.
Bruce! He is even mightier than the Penrith Panthers! :D

Does anyone else find this a lot of fun or am I just easily amused? :D
I went for DT sorry people they just move me more than Brucey I love Bruce and all but at this point in time my mind goes to them...may be because of late I have been listening a lot to DT and Vai and Tramp.hmmm also Train have been getting a flogging of late too.