Behold the mighty VC

no sugar on my least no tonight...
well all this ice-cream should get it sweeter but don't know...I feel bitter!
i came late to this thread =(, when i get to my 2666 post ill celebrate too, i didnt even have a celebration for my 2000th post lol.........

Blood tastes like steel, which tastes not good, oh well...........anyway keep eating ice cream, i dont need ice cream i already have suger in my blood, im special, so my mom tells me anyway........
Originally posted by Final_Vision
im special, so my mom tells me anyway........

hmmmm my mom tells me the same thing, quite suspicious, maybe they're pulling our legs final_vision.
Since this thread allready existed...


I´m joining the club of 666 !!


-phyros ( sad, but I really got happy for that...:) )
try F5, or, alternatively, Shift+F5.
if even this doesn't work (depends on browser), delete your temporary internet files
and if that doesn't work either, throw your pc out of the window, it's useless anyway :devil:

Siren (evil sayings on an evil thread)

Edit: Oops, congrats Phyros ;)
Woo... look at everyone new alvater :D

@VultureCulture: Nice paperclip, I think I saw that somewhere before... :lol:
@Siren: Looking cool there
@mousewings: Thats cute :D
@myself: Hey! My alvatar looks more like me now :lol:
@red_beef: Thanks. I love your new avatar. It's a birdy... or is it? Well, the beautiful creature in your avatar is really cute. :)