Best concept for lyrics


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May 2, 2001
Corner Brook Canada
I would pick Edge of Sanity's Crimson , what a great story . most of the opeth songs , welll I don't really catch the meaning of the lyrics , I know what My arms your hearse is all about and I know still life is somewhat similar in a way , but for the single songs like on bwp I don't have a clue what they meen .
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I read in an interview that Mikael basically wants people to derive their own meanings for the songs on BWP. I think that's cool. Think about most poetry, which is what a lot of metal songs' lyrics are, it is left to be interpreted by the reader.

Yeah but it usually has a meaning that was intended by the author.
Interpreting lyrics is a lot of fun, what little I've done of it, but exhausting. I only ever did that with 'In the Mist She Was Standing'.
The Wanderers Sig points out a pretty amazing concept, and one that is pulled off better than almost any others I've ever heard. Ulver are gods.

But as far as being lyrically original in a concept, my personal favorite is emperor's IX equilibrium. It is probably debatable as to whether or not is is a concept album, but if you sit down and read those lyrics and analyze them, you'll see Emperor are a lot deeper than you'd think. And figuring it out makes the album kinda creepy.....