BWP Concept?


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Jul 14, 2005
The band has talked a lot about how MAYH, Still Life and Ghost Reveries are concept albums and what their concepts are, but can't seem to find anything on whether Blackwater Park is a concept album. It's lyrics seem conceptual, with constant mention of winter and lepers and the flow of the album. While D&D are clearly not conceptual, he said they were the first time he tried writing personal lyrics, so it would make sense if BWP had a concept it was based around. Also, the idea that he knew the record's title before making it reinforces this idea. Does anybody know it it has a concept, and if so, what it is?
Ah, ok. Thanks guys. I'd like to see this interview, if possible.

As far as I know, BWP is not a concept, and neither is Ghost Reveries.

No, GR definitely is. He has stated this multiple times.
Mikael Åkerfeldt said:
I wanted to write like an occult kind of concept story.

No, he does not just vaguely state anything about the album being a concept once, he does it MULTIPLE times. Get ready to get thrown on your ass because here comes the SECOND time where he mentions the word concept while talking about the album...

Mikael Åkerfeldt said:
but I started with this idea of a concept, and that was like a red thread, if you know what I mean

I mean, come on. He started with the idea of a concept, WHY WOULDN'T HE FINISH WITH THE SAME IDEA?
I've always gotten the feeling the songs connect with each other in some way, but there is no storyline or concept.
Four songs deal with his view on mankind, so you could kind of say half the album is a concept but there's no story.
Bleak isnt about that, nor is Harvest. Bleak is about nothing as he stated several times and harvest is just about a guy dieing soon. You could say though that Dirge is, if you have quite an imagination, the prologue to Harvest.
I'd say it's a "theme album" I guess. Think Tool's Lateralus. No storyline or anything, but a similar theme in all the songs. Ghost Reveries will be the same, as Mike told deliverance.