Big Brother... Eek!


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Ok, I admit, I watched it. I couldn't help it! :mad:

But my FUCK are some of them annoying! Like the dread-locked dude who clocked the dominatrix in the head with something, who was then nursed by the mardi-gras dude (I think), while the ex-strip club worker got all loud-mouthed with the 30-something crone.

Well... it does sound a little bit interesting :)

And we're going to Dreamworld in a couple of weeks, so I'm gonna have to stick me head in and say g'day :)
Hey mark, When you go to dreamworld, can you find out if they let you go in and pat the tigers?
I got told if you pay them they let you in to have a pic taken etc. It sounds like im being told porkies to me, but if its true IM GOING IN! Woohoo! How cool would that be? :D

Course id have to go all the way to queensland for it. Maybe ill just jump the fence at taronga zoo, im sure they wont mind
Yep, it's true, but I think it costs in the region of $100 or so to get your pic taken (and it's out the back, not in the public area).

I love dem big puddy tats :D
I think i speak for myself when i say COOL!!!!!!!! :D

I wouldnt mind being mauled to death by a tiger, at least id be somebody then, people would remember me!
"remember that guy that got mauled to death at dreamworld by the tiger?" they'd say!
I would be remembered through the ages and annals of time. Sweet.

But really i think they are quite nice, i wonder if you can cuddle them? Can you find that out?

They always have really wierd names too, like shibungo and banderboom or something, cant they just give them normal names like bob and jane? Imagine the teasing they got from the other cubs while they were growing up!

I think i need some sleep........:)
I'm surprised at you all. I thought metalheads (being the learned, sophisticated people we are), would make a point of ignoring this mindless, voyeuristic, populist trash. You're buying into trends here, people, and that's dangerous territory. Before you know it, you'll all be watching Popstars and listening to chart "music". Don't say I didn't warn ya. ;)

Originally posted by Kem
Spawn, tigers are generally classed as exotic type creatures and therefore warrant equally special names. Ja?

Erm, (whisper this!) I MAY have been joking when i said it (coupled with being very tired) :) :D :lol:
BAH! Spawny... don't let that smelly girl boss you around... you were perfectly within your rights to ask why tiger's don't have proper names... I'm gonna start up an activist group now... who wants to join?

Real Names For Tigers! Real Names For Tigers!
haha :lol: :lol: Coops, i laughed out loud when i read that, Im in!

Tigers have been pushed around for far too long! Do you think they get a cut of the money we pay to get our pic taken with them? Do you think they were even asked if it was ok? Do you think this is getting ridiculous? :D I say NO!
Coops we now have an organisation, lets ask for donations and then spend the money going to metal concerts :lol:
We shall be called the............


Society for looking after
Animals and their

I didnt know girls were smelly though, they never let me close enough to find out......:D
haha i cant smell anything kem, but im a bit far away to really be able to tell. :D Im sure iccy would tell you if you did, hmm kem is a brunette and doesnt smell......its all coming together.....:lol:
Ill have you all worked out soon, dont you worry about that, then ill have a composite sketch put together by the cops haha! I dont need no freakin picture! :lol:

:deb: Oh hi again deb.
guys, the tv in australia is heaps better than the mind numing crap that is shown here, and you have to pay a liscence fee to have a friggn TV!!!!!!!
:mad: :(
Originally posted by ironcross
Actually Spawn the Tiger thing is a good idea. What they could do is when somebody gets kicked out of the house.. they should put them in the tiger pen! Now that would be reality TV!! :D

Haha, yeah ive been watching it and all their annoying "flirting" with each other is getting on my nerves, im with crossy, let shibungo and banderdoom sort em out! :lol: