Jul 25, 2001
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I'm a relative new opeth fan (since MAYH). I heard all the music decomposed by opeth. So, i heard the blackwater park album. It is a pretty cool album and i was very happy to listen stuff like lepper affinity and Dirge for november. But i'm still having problem to listen Bleak... WHY?? I don't know. Maybe you can help me. It seems that a lot of fans love that song.
Need some help here - there must be a reason, if not at least a feeling you get while listening to Bleak that creates this confusion.

For me, Bleak is one of my favorites.
The only thing I can say is keep going at it. If you still do not "get it" after going over the song many more times, they maybe it is just not for you.
That's weird... It's the same thing with me too. When I first got BWP, my favorites were The Leper Affinity, Dirge for November and Harvest. Actually, they still are... But I could never really get into Bleak until recently.
Bleak is awesome and you're stupid for not realising it ;) j/k
I'm sorry you're having problems with it.
Maybe you can listen to it again and tell us what parts are the ones that don't do it for you?
Or maybe you just need to listen to it on repeat for an hour to get into the song.
Bleak never fails to amaze me...I love the song to death...

The style of the lyrics is interesting too

Heart still beating for the cause
Soul still feeding from the loss
Limbs are aching from the rush
You are fading from my sight

I am moving closer to your side
You are luring me into the night
Who is crying for you here
I am dying fast inside your tears

And the guest vocals (I believe...) at the end sound great also.
What better way to post a first message as a member here than in a discussion of my favorite song by the band?

I think Bleak is a masterpiece, it's my favorite Opeth song and one of my favorite songs of late, and also one of the best songs of 2001 that I've heard (along with Savatage's Morphine Child and Nikolo Kotzev's Plague). I absolutely love the way the composition goes full circle from heavy to very mellow and eventually back to the heavy mode. It's really a tour de force, and it always raises my spirits when I listen to it. It's just so well organized and performed with such precision. The distortion at the end that leads into Harvest is also very nice.

By the way, hi everyone.