Buying Young Guitar magazine

these are from that issue:








Oh yeah, I have that. The only one I don't have is the one with Alexi & Gus G on the cover, because I don't know what's in it.
^So do I.

Hey people, I don't have eBay account neither I have or can get a Paypal account, so would anyone be willing to help me to get one? I can make a bank transfer for you with the money and all the shippings (shipping to you and shipping from you to me) when you have it. I have tried looking for the DVDs (which is mainly the part I care for) on the net but I can't find anything and I'm quite interested in this one (also in the others, but never had spare money in the right moment :lol:).
I will wait for a torrent link or sth.... but Zarok told me that it's uniterseting and nothing really new...

huh, I read that he has EMG HZ-FH2 pickup in his guitars? the pic with the pink sawtooth... is this official now?
Can someone put the DVD on a sharing site. I don't have enough money to buy that right now. :(
I got mine through today. I actually forgot it was a WHOLE book dedicated to Laiho's playing!

Unless you can read Japanese, it's pretty useless for reading, but there's loads of unreleased photos of him with the Stone RR, Wildchild RR, old photos form Sinergy & COB live in 2001/2003/2005/2006, and photo shoots where other photos were put out, but as far as I know, not these ones.

It's got lead licks from every album, warm up licks, a gallery of his Jackson RRs, his 2002 rack, his 2003 guitars & rack, his lastest guitar setup with the new pink ESP and yellow ESP, his current rack with KK head pics, all his available sign models from Edwards too, JCM800 KK head close up with details and amp settings, all his interviews from recent editions of Young Guitar (in Japanese), then full transcriptions of one song from each album (they're wrong...).

The DVD is cool, it's 22mins long, and he doesn't play all the examples in the book, only from one section, but I think there's a few bits in there that were possibly taken from Guitar World which show some cool licks.

There's a page here on the MM-40:

I'll rip a sample video later and upload to YouTube.
Well no, they're wrong. Since Alexi showed the Downfall intro in the Jan 2006 YG DVD and now YG have tabbed Downfall...with the intro tabbed

Trust ME, I know when something is wrong in COB tabs! :p

And my preview vids from the DVD:
[ame=]Tapping Lick[/ame]
Haha, alright, I believe you. It's sad when a magazine can't tab something right, even when they get the guitarist to play it right in front of them. And have it recorded on video.

And thanks for uploading those.
Exactly. Paul Gilbert hired a guy to tab his latest instructional video, and apparantly he was a professional, yet the guy got some of it WRONG. He said he tabbed it before he saw the video, yet he spent time WITH Paul making notes on the stuff and STILL got it wrong. What the fuck is wrong with people!?!??!
Awesome videos Mitch! thanks for sharing. I don't think the playing sounds computerized on Hatebreeder,'s amazing playing yes, but not at all computerized-sounding. And I'm glad he admits that a lot of people didn't like AYDY :lol:. I mean, it was a good album, but not up to their standards.

Also, it was annoying how the background music was so loud for the first and last videos, and it was hard to hear what he was saying. Young guitar isn't very smart sometimes.
I got mine today and I've got to say, Alexis playing is pretty poor on the DVD.
Some exellet pics as Mitch said above. Now I just need to learn Japanese...

How so? I mean, the tone sucked. But that's a given on something like this.
How so? I mean, the tone sucked. But that's a given on something like this.

There are a few times when he fucks up and just starts from the beginning of an exercise.
Plus he is just generally sloppy on some fast parts.
I'm not dissing Alexi, we all have our off days but compared to the Rock House DVD his playing is way messy.

Still a leet magazine though :D
How so? I mean, the tone sucked. But that's a given on something like this.

How is it NOT so? To be completely honest, it's bad, but I just didn't want to say anything at first, just to bitch at it. I was disappointed with the In Your Face & Blooddrunk...:erk:
I'll take your word for it, I just didn't notice that many. I guess I'll have to watch it again.