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Thought you guys might like these. He has part 2 and a paul gilbert vid from it.

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thanks for those, dave :)

and maybe this explains why Alexi sounds a little less than up for it in places!

Oct 9, 2008
A Guitar World Office Visit from Children of Bodom
By Jeff Kitts

It's been more than four years since we started filming lessons and interviews with musicians for our CD-ROM, and one of the very first subjects
we had here at GW HQ for an on-camera lesson was Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom. Alexi's been up here a few times since then, but Oct. 9,
2008, was the first time COB co-guitarist Roope Latvala was on hand as well.

The two guitarists came by for a lesson on how to play "Blooddrunk" with our very own Matt Scharfglass, as well as a new photo shoot with ace
photographer Angela Boatright. The band was in town for one of the final dates on their current tour with Between the Buried and Me, Black Dahlia
Murder and special guests for this one show, Testament.

Alexi had a bit of a rough start to the day...the 1:00 call time was a little on the early side for such a hard-partying night owl, and he needed
a little nappy between the lesson and photo shoot. But with a little rest, some pizza and beer, Alexi was right as rain by mid afternoon.
goddamn, alexi can't function without a beer or some kind of alcohol in his system? sorry, i'm just speculating here.
...Or like any normal human being, he feels better after getting something to eat and drink (in the general sense) after waking up? Or even just given a little time to shake the sleep off?

Sounds perfectly normal to me. Besides, one or two beers is nothing, and not uncommon at all.

EDIT: Also, you (and this applies to anyone) shouldn't jump to conclusions off of insignificant little details. It's rude to make such assumptions about someone's life, especially if you're making conclusions when you don't even know them personally.
Does anyone know which edition of YG has the DVD of Passage To The Reaper and which edition has Reap 'N' Roll Licks???
^ From SOB:

Passage To The Reaper is the name of a guitar lecture video of Alexi Laiho's released on a DVD of the Japanese Young Guitar
magazine in October 2002. This lesson was recorded when Sinergy was touring in Japan earlier that year.

Reap 'N' Roll Licks is the name of a guitar lecture video of Alexi Laiho's released on a DVD of the Japanese Young Guitar DVD
magazine Vol. 2 "New-Age Heroes" in September 2003.
Ah ok, thanks. I've seen that before but maybe I should have a look for the dates of the books online. Cheers.