Can I be labeled as gay just because I listen to The Smiths?


Aug 10, 2002
Many people say that The Smiths has gay lyrics and that Morrissey is, if I enjoy the band that implies that I have my gay side?
I still recall that huge poster some friend's roommate had in college of The Boy with the Thorn in his Side. That poster was the epitomy of gaydom.


Having said that, I don't really know much Smiths or Morrissey, but I would probably like it. So my answer is no.

But the poster is still very much so.
What posters I had in my college dorm:

- a giant Led Zeppelin poster that was black & white and cartoony that I continuously colored in w/ markers to avoid studying
- a Sabbath cross purposes tour poster I took from the concert w/ motorhead & morbid anglos
- some other stuff i can't remember
i had the coolest posters ever.

* six foot LORD OF THE RINGS poster
this one:

* Dali print given to me by BYRON
this one:

* fractals, lots of fractals

* various posters of bands no one in my dorm knew or cared about

why did people think i was geeky with such phat wallz? :(
Jaws jigsaw puzzle poster
"Halloween 2" movie poster
King Diamond "Conspiracy"
Lord Soth's charge
Burzum - Baldrs Dod
METAL (drawings of metal stars such as ted nugent and vince neil)
there's a Smiths cover that is a guy naked...very gay in my opinion but...the music is ok, i like it.