51 Rules for a Power Metal fan to avoid being labeled as gay

Yeah, I was actually trying for that this time. I'm sick and tired of every one being so god damn picky in here lately. And if you say any thing back to them then your the ass hole. So I just skipped the bullshit and gave them a reason to call me an asshole. :)
Hey , you forgot BM rule #102:

102. When you record a necro & grim album , put the bass near zero ,and the treble high as hell , to make a kult grim & necro sound.
wah ha ha ha!!
...ahh:ill:, his anders friden-looking troll avatar's creepin' me out
ha!! anders!! ...

speaking of .. anyone else heard the 'Passenger' album?? interesting .. not sure yet if i like it or not , it does have some good songs, but overall, dunno....