how to make a true power metal band


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Oct 29, 2002
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Make sure you’re German, Italian or Swedish. If you aren’t, change your nationality.

Get four other guys together, all should have long hair.
Make sure your singer sounds exactly like a cross between Michael Kiske and Bruce Dickinson. He should sing clean and high-pitched.

Make the guys shopping to the Halloween-costume store and pick up the most ridiculous medieval costumes you can find. A few sheepskins and a Viking helmet might help too. Make sure you look as gay as is humanly possible.

Now you are ready to start writing your debut album. Make sure you have the titles : 'Warriors Of Steel’, Riding The Wind’, and 'Dragonlord’ checked on your list of titles to use.

Other titles you might want to consider are: 'Fire', 'Blood And Glory’, 'Brave Knights Of Fire’, 'The Triumph Of Battle’ and 'The Glory Of My Mighty Steel’.

We know these titles don’t make any sense, but it’s ok; you’re German/Italian/Swedish now so the excuse is that your English is just not so good.

When writing lyrics, be sure to use the words ‚'steel’, 'glory’, 'mighty’, 'brave’, 'warrior’, 'dragon’, 'true', 'metal’, 'fire’ and 'king’. Use these words plentifully and use them in every goddamn song.

Try to put as much cheese on your lyrics as possible. Remember to experiment with different flavours.

If you’re stuck, good sentences to use are; 'riding high across the sky on mighty wings of vengeance towards glory’, 'fighting for glory with your mighty steel of justice’, and 'we’re standing high, tall, proud and brave, fighting for the glory of true metal against false metal while the dragon flies high on the winds of eternity’

Don’t worry if what you write makes no sense at all. You’re "true" metal. People will understand.

Make sure that all songs you write rely completely on a catchy chorus.

Make sure that you only write songs in 4/4th and 3/4th. The ones in 3/4th should be medieval ballads or sing-along battle hymns.

Make sure that the only song structure you use is simple verse/chorus. Do remember to stick a guitar solo in there after the second chorus though.

Make sure that none of the songs is longer than 3 minutes

The only exception to the above couple of rules is the last song on the album, which should be a 6-7 minute song that’s either a cheesy ballad called 'Flying Away To Dreamland’, or a repetitive mid-tempo tune called 'The Triumph Of Glory’. This will be your "epic" moment on your album.

Done writing? That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Now get a record company, preferably Nuclear Blast.

Now get Tommy Hansen or Sasha Paeth to produce your album, and get somebody like Kai Hansen, Roland Grapow, Timo Tolkki, Oscar Dronjak or Fabio Lione to do a guest appearance on your album. Don’t exhaust these people for material though, a three-second solo or a couple of vocal lines are already more than enough. The record company will take care of the rest.

Now it’s time to talk to the press;

1. Declare that your singer is influenced by Michael Kiske and Bruce Dickinson. Do not mention anyone else.

2. Say that your favourite bands and greatest influences are old Helloween and Iron Maiden.

3. Be sure to mention that your favourite albums are the "Keeper of the Seven Keys" albums.

4. Lastly, state that you are true metal and that you are here to teach all false metal bands a lesson in true metal. Death to false metal!

Congratulations, your album just went straight into the German, Italian and Swedish charts. You are now a successful pathetic true metal band!


Although ...that music could be better described as flower metal.
Nevermore, Sanctuary, Seven Witches, Metal Church, Helstar ...real power metal. :)
I never agree with Penguin on what's Power Metal. I do not, under any circumstances think that either Nevermore or Metal Church were/are Powermetal. I think they are METAL. MC--with thrash undertones more than Power. Not everything has to be labeled. Break away from the labels Penguin....let them go. They only work if they are accurate and helpful.

Now, that's out of the way....

"Pride of Bloody Battle"
"Fiery Battle Hymns"
"Glorious Warrior of Steel" <-----I'm sure some of these are real
"King of Fire" song titles, but I'm just messing
"Brave King of Steel" around.

AND it's good to be influenced by Rhapsody and Blind Guardian too. Keyboards are a must, and when in doubt, add angelic chorus moments and the sounds of fairy dust being sprinkled in the wind.

"Many, many years ago, on a distant shore, men did gather secretly....." Okay, that sounds Power metal, but it's NOT Penguin! Live PROOVES that Metal Church and Nevermore are not POWER METAL. I don't think you can be a freak in the front row to power metal.
Unreg said:
I never agree with Penguin on what's Power Metal. I do not, under any circumstances think that either Nevermore or Metal Church were/are Powermetal. I think they are METAL. MC--with thrash undertones more than Power. Not everything has to be labeled. Break away from the labels Penguin....let them go. They only work if they are accurate and helpful.

You just don't understand. Metal is all about deviating.

There's Metal > NWOBHM/Traditional > Power Metal > Thrash > Death/Black

That's how it is. But then there are deviated deviants like Dimmu Borgir for example, who started as black metal but then switched and got thousands of people to believe what they do now is black metal.

Metal Church was one of the earliest Power Metal bands, Power Metal is, essentially NWOBHM, but's thrash with more melody. Thrash isn't really supposed to possess a lot of melody.

Now, bands like Helloween twisted this concept, Blind Guardian especially. Blind Guardian began as a true (heh) power metal band but then did a cross over. Now everyone thinks what they do now is traditional power metal. It's not, it's a deviated form. You can go ahead and call it power metal, I don't really care, I'm just trying to point out the facts. I *think* Helloween is the first band to basically subdivide power metal from what it actually is.

I'd go as far as calling Pantera's Cowboys From Hell power a certain degree anyway. It's very thrashy but it has a traditional power metal vibe to it. Even Bruce Dickinson's later solo albums have a power metal thing going.

I don't know, I like to find out as much about stuff I'm interested in as possible. I'm interested in metal so I try to know all the facts of it and as many bands as possible.

I think all I accomplished here was more confusion. :/
Anyway, check out Nasty Savage, they're great power metal :D

CT: Primal Fear is great, I saw them live with Halford, most excellent. I kind of regret not grabbing some of their merchandise. I'm not sure how to classify them though........:?
Grandfather, tell me a story...:lol:

Yeti's formula is pretty much perfect, except you forgot the actual musicwriting. It goes something like this...

Guitars: Pick one Maiden and one Helloween riff for every song on your album, and bastardize them. Use one for the verses and one for the chorus.

Bass: Chop 1/10 of a Steve Harris bassline and play it over and over and over and over and...

Drums: Constant double bass, and the occasional cymbal crash or tom roll. No creativtiy necessary.

Keyboards A: Use none, for you are a TRUE power metal band! Rely on your crappy riffs instead,

Keyboards B: Drown EVERYTHING else in keyboard noise, for you are a flower metal band! Make sure to play something in counterpoint to the riffs that dominates the whole song.

There you have it.
I probably should have clarified.
Metal Church's self titled album is their power metal album.
The rest isn't really...

And, I think I'd call the first flower metal song Judas Priest - Exciter

It's got the riffs/solos/drumming/bass that makes what common power metal today is.

As for speed metal, I don't even consider it to exist, it just doesn't seem to fit in anywhere.

Those are the basics. (i may be leaving one out....)

I think I'd add epic on there to substitute flower....thats what the music is trying to achieve..."epic" status.

I don't really see how the music sounds 'happy' (like everyone labels it)...Im listening to lost horizon now....and it's pretty funny reading pyrus' list there and then listening to this music, but it still doesnt sound happy, it sounds like they're trying to be serious or it a bit of an epic quality.

and I do not deny the existence of metal, metal is what all the bands are in essence, Im just categorizing them to:

A>annoy you
B>do something to rid myself of boredom
HemiGTX said:
I'd go as far as calling Pantera's Cowboys From Hell power metal....

I like your deviate/deviant theory. And I agree/believe that Helloween was the first. That's all I'll give you.

RP--Here's something funny. Back when Van Halen was a new band, who were a ROCK band...they called them "progressive". Now, today, progressive is something else. It's a blend of the undefinable. THat's fine. But back then I nearly choked with laughter when VH was considered progressive! I didn't even know what that was. At the time it meant, incorporating new influences. To me, it still means that.

Melody whether subtle or obvious, is still melody. And I consider thrash to be melodic. If it isn't it's going towards a death undertone. And don't forget, speed metal. Speed metal is where thrash was born...melody, transitions, complicated break downs, build ups, the beloved DYNAMIC shift is when it became thrash.

You seem to be denying the existence or simple METAL! Some bands are so metal they defy labeling and categories. It can be disservice. Label if it fits, if it doesn''s Metal.

Power Metal? Keyboards. High pitched evil witch vocals (or for some, scared little girl), drama, story telling, heavy melodic moments, sweet.

Pft.....Metal Church Power Metal. Pft....Nevermore Power Metal.

Dude! Have you even heard The human Factor from MC? How can the killer song, "Date With Poverty" be Power metal? It contains self reflective honesty (power does not), humor (That's not part of Power in the least) CRUNCH! Heavy break downs, hard leads, depth in the vocal department. NO....I defy you. I can see how you would think that. But, I don't agree.

"I'm so fucking broke, I even can't to afford to pay attention, Don't you know who I am? You got any food? I need a drink! Ah, fuck you!"

Okay, now you can back to ignoring me. You're totally entitled to your opinion, but I had to call you on it.
thebigyetti said:
damn people! it was just supposed tobe somehing to laugh at, not a start to an intellectual discussion:lol::lol::lol:

Maybe next time you make a thread, you should put some rules on it or something. Didn't know a discussion was wrong. Sorry Yetti.