Celestion T75 Impulse Responses, PODxt and 5150


Jan 31, 2006
Here's a short clip of the PODxt with its speaker cabs disabled, then plugged directly into my PC. For speaker cab simulation, I made impulse speaker responses of my Marshal cab with T75 celestions and loaded the impulse files into Voxengo's Pristine Space. The PODxt model used is the new L6 High Gain Model from the 3.01 update. How's it sound?

There's also a clip of my 5150's fx out plugged directly into my computer with the impulse file simulation on it as well.
It still has that PODness about it, but it sounds pretty friggin sweet dude. Probably the most natural POD, untouched, high-gain tone I've heard. It helps that the 1960A is one of my fave cabs.
Splat you should really hook us up man! :)

I tried making my own impulse responses....it didn't turn out very good.
Does anybody know exactly how to do this? I used Voxengo's Deconvolver and created a sweeping 3 second test tone to run through the speakers.....but I have no idea where to go from there.....