Communication lost - reviews

Hey Stefan, I've been reading all these reviews carefully to get a picture of the new disc. Which one of these do you think represents the music on Communication Lost best? I assume it must be hard for artists to actually agree with reviews on their work, but still... I look forward to this disc. I've been playing Still a lot lately and can't wait to hear how the new one will hold up.

I really can't say whom I agree with the most. Probably the one with the highest score. :)

Seriously, I think it's a very natural follow-up to "Still", only a bit darker and gloomier. I am a bit surprised to see that we so far mostly got grades around 7/10 because I honestly feel this is the best album we've done and I've been listening to it since last summer when the recording was finished... "Still" scored a lot of 10/10 so I guess we became a bit spoiled by that. We'll see what future reviews will say, there are A LOT more coming our way.

Then again, reviews aren't everything. I love the album and I'm sure that people that enjoy our previous albums will enjoy this as much as I do.
Please don't be. :) If you like our previous albums I'm pretty sure you'll love this.

A sad fact is that I know there are two reviewers at Powerplay magazine who love the album, at least one of them even ranks it as the best album so far this year. Despite this the album was reviewed by someone who wasn't very impressed. It's bad for us as a band but then again it just shows you how opinions can differ from one another.