Crimson II

hey this is great news.
i am a very very big fan of EoS, specially of the song/album Crimson.
this is great, but i have a question that noone has asked before.
what about Second Sky? . i think is great to raise again EoS, but i just wanted to listen to the 'continuation' of Unicorn, since i like a lot more unicorn than EoS.
anyway, this is great news!

shit.. i'm getting really stoned!:tickled::tickled::OMG::cool::cool:

NP Unicorn - Lake Of Time
*swims through jizz to get to keyboard*

I just hope there ARE growls on Crimson II. Preferably by Dan or if nothing else Mike. Purely clean vocals would be sweet but it's EoS for christ sake.

*continues to spurt and wait for August*

Crimson is THE Metal album of all time and one of the albums that really got me into "death metal" years ago. I was so dissappointed when you/Dan got out of EoS. And now after these years Crimson II. I'm such a happy man and I really hope...No. I KNOW that you're gonna make a one helluvakillerkickass album and I'm waiting it with enthusiasm... Thank you Dan! You really are the man...
Dan Swanö said:
Hello Everyone...

Since Black Mark have been clever enough to announce a new EDGE OF SANITY release called "CRIMSON II" even though I begged them to keep it a secret, what can I do??? I don't want to lie to my friends.

The first two weeks of May will be dedicated to the writing and recording of an album I have had bubbling inside of me ever since I started the fight for a more "accessible" Bloodbath (Which we all know didn't happen)
I have a bunch of good riffs that sounds SOOO like Edge Of Sanity that it would be ridiculous to start yet another project and sound just like something I invented years ago.
Black Mark have been asking me to re-join the band since the moment I quite and they never really got the fact that I wanted nothing to do with it.

After "Evolution" I felt it was all over and went on to do my thing.
Then the "other" Edge Of Sanity split up and let the world "Edge-less"
That's when the ball began rolling. And after a long discussion over a good meal at the Black Mark house I decided to start thinking about the stuff I was writing as a new EOS album.

On the train ride home I started toying around with the idea of a follow up to "Crimson" and when I got home it seemed like the only right thing to do.

I am not in the mood for some "singer songwriter, wanna have a hit single" Metal.
I want Epic-goddamn!!!
So there will be one big piece this time as well, (With track numbers for index, this time!!)
It will be a mind-blowing powerful blend between E.O.S. (duuh..) Pan Thy Monium, Godsend, Karaboudjan, Diabolical Masquerade, Odyssey and maybe even some passages of old Nightingale thrown in. A Massive Swanö-style pomp-death overkill!!!!!

Some of the stuff I have this far is the most classy pomp-death stuff I have ever written and I feel very confident in myself.

The main reason to why I do such a sacred and weird this, as to revive EDGE OF SANITY is...I want this album to be known, to sell, to get through the fucking jungle of albums, to be reviewed everywhere...I know this album will kick ass and I don't want it to drown in some "new project with the guy from EOS" formula..

If it IS called EDGE OF SANITY it will be given a serious listen and trust me..
no one will be disappointed, it will be among the best EOS albums.

August it is..


Hey, that's great! I'm assuming the line-up won't be the same as on Crimson I though. This reminds me of Hypocrisy back when they were supposed to split up and so on....
anyway, Swano and Co rule!
enough with Mikael
he's already in Bloodbath and Opeth
besides he will ask for money and that's not fair
playing with Dan should be done for free
I'd pay for playing on Crimson 2
All I can say...

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The best thing about this whole reformation is that each band Dan has is unique and has a personality of its own. I felt that when Edge and Panthymonium ended, Dan lost a means of expression and it was always a joy to see what he would do next. Now basically the spirit of those bands live on in one form or another:

Second Sky = Unicorn?
Edge of Sanity 2.0 = Edge of Sanity
Karabourjan = Panthymonium
Nightingale = Nightingale

Anyway, thats the way I feel about it. Agree/disagree?