Current Happenings...?

I am pretty sure he is preparing for his European tour. But who knows with all the stuff he does he probably has about 5 differant projects going on right now :lol:
Vintersorg will play with Tristania and Finntroll in Paris at the beginning of october ...
I know only one song from Vintersorg, and i love it
i'll probably buy the CD in the venue
Hey aegis,

>Vintersorg will play with Tristania and Finntroll in Paris at the beginning of october ... <

Have fun, if you go there - how about doing a review?
# The guy who shot the upcoming live DVD in Montreal earlier this year has been in Vintersorg's home town Skellefteå for ten days and shot interviews, movie sequences, a visit to Ballerina Audio, in home studio Seven stars, a compliment to the live gig. The running time will be approximately 90 minutes and also rehearsals and other rare and privat things will be included, so the buyers will get a view upon the two musicians and humans that together form Vintersorg. Release date isn't decided yet as there is still some completing work to do, but it sure will be a great DVD.

# Soon, there will be some poems of Vintersorg (in Swedish) available on the website. Vintersorg is constantly working on new songs and has a lot of material right now.

# The release date for the new Borknagar album is set to 22/10. Vintersorg is very satisfied with the album, and feels that his vocals are strong and quite unique.

# On 22/09, the European tour starts for Vintersorg and companions. Vintersorg did the following statement: " I would like to recommend people, that are taking photo's on the upcoming tour, to send them in to the site. It's nice if all fans can share! "

Well, there is that awesome tour going on:

I may very well be going to see them in either Trier (sep. 27th) or Hamburg (sep. 24th), but it's a monday and thursday.. damn hard to find someone to go with. It's only a 5 hour drive from where i live, but I still have to take a day off.
Hej Materia,

I guess Hamburg is 5 hours driving, because I live about 2 1/2 hours driving down south from Hamburg and Trier goes even more down south, that would be from my area another 3 1/2 hours driving... Dunno if I make it to Hamburg, Bielefeld and Essen are the ones I go for sure and hopefully Trier and Offenbach... but that depend on how much money I spend in Sweden! :)
I'll be in Sweden before and after the tour *lol*
# Vintersorg has put his mind to work with the lbum "Fragments & Alternatives: The Experiment". So far he has done pre-production for "Till fjälls" and "Cosmic genesis". Below you find the songs that are going to be under the remake microscope, together with some new songs, that will also be included. Those are more traditional Vintersorg songs. "Fragments & Alternatives: The Experiment"
Till Fjälls - evolution mix
Cosmic Genesis - space jazz version
Stilla - the intense nature looped
Ödemarkens Son - sounds of uncontrolled metaphysics
Blindsight Complexity (new)
Från Materia Till Ande (new)
A sphere in a sphere(to infinity) (new)
(apologies if I am behind on Vintersorg news everyone, I am just excited!)