Current Happenings...?

I've seen him in Strasbourg last WE ^____^ !
Thanks for the track list Morgana ! I was not sure of it...
Wonderful live ! So bad I didn't take my camera...
After the live, I decided to search for interviews and all I could find about him (I already knew all his Vintersorg albums)... I've discovered Otyg... I took all the mp3 I could find ! I love Otyg too ! I'm looking for the lyrics and the translations of this lyrics for 2-3 days and just found them here *__*... ^O^ !!!!! I'm soooo happy !

Yeah with thoses reply we pretty much know what Andreas doing
now (yeah...i like to call vintersorg by his real name) so one
thing sure : hes busy as hell ! with all thoses shows bands and all
like he told me in a e-mail he have an hard time to awnser
to his please don't overload his box ;)
Yeah well i guess he awnser when the mails are interesting !
and how do you know Morgana i am from the french part ? ;)
is my english that bad ? :confused: well if so am sorry :p
and yeah Inge (his webmaster) do have acces to Vintersorg's
mails and he told me that its awesome the number of mail he
recive ! so well later...
Hey Oceanbard,

hm, yeah it was the way you write in English, but it isn't bad!
I'm not perfect and should be in shame :cry: grown up with the Brits...
Anyway, I always wonder why everyone talks of Inge as in HE, here in Germany Inge is a female name and I'm sure it is in the Netherlands and Belgium aswell!!! Should have ask Inge :)
well i guess my english betrayed me...:cry: oups...ah well ;)
and what ? Inge is a girl ??? WHAT ? i writed him (her ???!)
a lot of time and i don't know...:confused: well i have to ask
Have fun, if you go there - how about doing a review?

for a review it will be hard because i didn't know the name of the songs, and i didn't understand anything when he gave the titles, except Rainbow Demon and Till Fjälls (excellent song),but i guess the playlist was the same as the one who was posted in this forum

i found Vintersorg very good ... a bit more aggressive than what i thought, but really good ... The sound was good (as always in this venue), even if the keyboard maybe wasn't loud enough ...
Vintersorg had technical problemss with his bass on the second or the third song, and until the end of the song, he only sang, because he left his bass and a roadie took it ... but he was impressive, he continued to sing as if nothing happened, and moved on the stage as a frontman ... at the end, he said something as (sorry i don't remember exactly, and i try to translate what i understood) : i won't let some fucking technical problems spoil this evening ...
i liked all the songs, and i found the concert too short
so i think i have to buy the albums now...
i'll begin by Till Fjäll, because i loved the song (the last he played)

for the other bands, i didn't like Madder Mortem, hated Rotting Christ, and liked Tristania ... The big surprise for me was Vintersorg