Writing an essay about Vintersorg


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Nov 15, 2004

I'm about to write an essay about the wonderful band, Vintersorg.

So, does anybody have any suggestions to how I should write it ? I mean, what should I write about ? I'm thinking about writing about their story (how they we're formed etc. etc. etc.) and something about what religion they have and so on.

Does anybody have any good pages with alot of information about Vintersorg ?


I actually wrote one on The Focusing Blur for my english class. I focused on the music, lyrical themes, and some of the musicians that played on the album. I also compared it to older Vintersorg works.
Thanks for the answers both of you. Seems like you have the same ideas about an essay about Vintersorg :)

g-magnetic: You know how to get in touch with Vintersorg ? I'm from Denmark so it'll have to be via e-mail or maybe phone.

Anyway, thanks again for the answers, much appreciated!