Dead Can Dance tribute album


Gogol Bordello
Mar 28, 2002
Its called "The Lotus Eaters", famous artists like Ulver, The Gathering, Nightfall, Arcana, Jarboe, and others feature on it. Its really great with the highlights mainly being the covers by the bands/artists i mentioned. What is interesting is that few DCD "hits" were chosen. Its a double cd, and a definite worthy haul.
Yeah, this been yout quite a while, but the only tracks that would interest me is Ulver and Noekk and I'm not going to pay for this set, just to hear these. The Gathering is also good, but that's already been released before this.
Hmm, I think it's not so good... It' s a very difficult experience to make DCD cover, some aren't so bad, but none is really awesome... Some really stink (Sarah jezabel singing The Wind that Shake the barley = :ill: :yuk: )

To get into DCD, you can try the great live "Toward The Within", or "Within...", "The Serpent's Egg", or "Into The Labyrinth"...

I'm also a huge fan of Lisa Gerrard, and I'm not afraid to say her 3 after DCD albums are better :p
That sounds quite interesting, especially the Jarboe addition.

Whats your fave Dead Can Dance album IoftheStorm? I have listened to them all, and I really cant decide.