Death growls or clean vocals?

Which style?

  • Growling vocals

    Votes: 15 38.5%
  • Clean vocals

    Votes: 24 61.5%

  • Total voters


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May 31, 2001
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So, which KATATONIA do you like best?
The albums and EPs with growling vocals or the clean vocals? I don't mean which type of vocal you like best, but which albums...
I like both like in the Gateways of Breavement (Clean vocals as back vocals) or growling vocals as back vocals or maybe together but i think that growling vocals are more emotional but clean vocals are more depressive as i said before they must be together

and i like the vocals of these songs
1)Gateways of breavment
5)Sounds of decay (all the album)
8)For my demons
9)Quiet World
10)Northern Silence
And also the one I love very much Elohim meth :p

"Let me die!"
I like them both merged in an album.. Like Brave Murder Day.. But if it is to be a choice like all clean or all brutal, I will choose all brutal..

the Song with the best brutal is ' Velvet Thorns ' in my opinion.. And my best clean is ' Gone '.. And my best insturmental is ' Dancing December '..
I really like how painful Jonas wailing was on Dance of December Souls. It's very emotional and powerful.

BTW, does anyone know if Jonas ever did drums & vocals live???
Well, their best with death vocals is "Brave Muder Day" and with clean vocals .............every album.. it´s hard to choose let me see I prefer the "L.F.D.G.D." album than. Cheers
i think that many people are kind of nasty to katatonia now, this is because the liked the growling more than the newer clean vocals.

The thing is now they have done 4 albums where jonas has done no growling on them (although a certain member of opeth did on brave murder day). It seemed when they where playing live songs that jonas was more natural and comfatable with the clean and on the last song they played Murder that has growling on it. he seemed uncomfatble but in the end it was really up to the band personally, i like both styles cause they both work well with the gutiars and other instruments but i can see why some people of a black metal nature would be disappointed with the new stuff but really get over it:eek: :eek:
I prefer clear vocals to growling ones, that means I like the last three Katatonia albums more than the old albums. One reason for it is maybe that I only recognized Katatonia through tonight's decision but I also know the old albums. A very, very great development is shown. I like bands changing their music with the time (especially the vocals) and not making the same music year after year. But without having made the old "stuff" there wouldn't be any music like the todays Katatonia music and that's why it's more than okay (maybe better in somebody's opinion).
For Katatonia, the clean vocals seem to work more than the growl. That, and there are so many bands that I listen to that uses growls that I almost prefer clean vocals. For example, I wish Hypocrisy used clean vocals in their slower songs more.