Death metal drummer looking for band

Professionally trained Drummer, located in Montreal looking for Brutal Death metal band. Influences Immolation, Cannibal corpse, Incantation, Death, Cynic, Suffocation, Goreaphobia, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Nile, Hate Eternal, Posessed, Venom, Celtic Frost, Necrovore, Oppressor, Unleashed, Grave, Brutality, Gorefest, Own 12 piece drum kit, own triggering systems, recording gear etc. Don't speak French, but would like to learn. Thank you.....Interested in Occult and Satanic individuals....
FUCK DUDE.If only you lived in Brisbane Australia.My band is looking for a drummer and your Bio suits us to a fuck'n T.It shouldn't be long before you get some answers though.
Good luck.