Which is the best, Florida or New York Death Metal?

SunlapseVertigo said:
Florida by far. I mean come on, Death, Morbid Angel, Cynic, etc...
New York has Suffocation, Immolation, Skinless e.t.c

New York has better songwriting and musicianship.

The Florida scene is bigger but the New York scene is better.
They are both good, but for BRUTAL and technical death metal fans, Texas is the place to go to. Or Ohio, because of the great death metal fest. :) Or Tennessee (Brodequin) and California (Disgorge).
SunlapseVertigo said:
Your opinion.

Not really, he seemed to steal Charubic Murder's opinion. :lol:

I actually think the Florida scene had better musicianship, Atheist and Cynic in particular.
Charubic Murder said:
I really only know of good black metal bands coming from Texas. It's not really known for death metal.
Like I said, Texas is THE place for death metal, but I am talking the extremely BRUTAL and often technical sort here, so bands like SECT OF EXECRATION, PROPHECY, or DEVOURMENT might not ring any bell for you. This is some extreme stuff and they stay very much underground, but many famous bands are rookies when compared to them as far as skill goes. I also think the Texas scene is great because it influenced other fantastic bands; BRODEQUIN, DISGORGE, or the all-star band CINERARY. For a long list of bands and a detailed description of the scene, visit the following page (Profanity too, this is something you might like), the page explains everything better than I possibly can:

I think Texas is a bit stronger for black metal. Absu, Averse Sefira, Thornspawn...all very good bands. Though I haven't been exposed to any death metal from here (save Funeral Rites) so I could be mistaken.
Death Of Millions
Full Circle
Funeral Rites
Immortal Remains
Mortal Suffering
Reign Of Terror
Sect Of Execration
Floridal is standard Death Metal, the scene is very big and very overated.

New York is standard Death Metal, the scene is not quite as big as Florida's but features better songwriting and musicianship.

Texas has a unique sound and produces the best Technical/Brutal Death Metal and has one of the worlds biggest underground scenes.

North Carolina has a very big underground scene like Texas but isn't as well known and doesn't have as distinct sound.

California has a very big and very good quality scene. A lot of the DM is Death Thrash or Thrash inspired Death.