Deliverance Tour (US) vs. Lamentations Tour (USA)

Which US tour?

  • Deliverance

    Votes: 11 27.5%
  • Lamentations

    Votes: 29 72.5%

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Erich w/ an h

Dec 13, 2002
Just by setlists.


Leper Affinity
Drapery Falls
Godhead's Lament
A Fair Judgement
Demon Of The Fall


Masters Apprentices
The Drapery Falls
The Moor
In My Time of Need
April Ethereal
Blackwater Park
Demon of the Fall
i voted for lamentations, based on setlist. but, if you add the damnation tour to those 2, and ask which tour i enjoyed most, i honestly think it was damnation. they played so flawlessly, and it was so different, and just..great. they'll never play that album in full again, after these european/aussie dates (if they even do play it in full..) i was happy to have been there to experience a once in lifetime show. this is besides the fact that in philly (where i saw damnation and lamentations) that mike commented on how "we fucking sucked the last time we were here (damnation)" haha.

after the damnation gig, i told peter that they fucking put on a great show, and he was like..ehh, i disagree, haha. the obvious conclusion is that the band really is proud of what they made, but would rather destroy us in concert, with heavy material then to play acoustic and slow stuff throughout a set.
Lamentations, because Deliverance didn't come here.

Although judging solely by setlists, I guess Lamentations is still more to my liking.
lamentations, because of:
1) The awesome
2) BWP....mmmmm.....
3) They didn't play Bleak when they were here for Deliverance, so that sucked...a's my fav song :(
GAH, Both so good. I would personally have replaced drapery and masters with advent and godhead's on Lamentations and it would have been perfect for me.

but it's such a pain to say that, as I loved drapery so much when they played it.

I guess overall, though I didn't see deliverance. I would have liked that set list a TINY bit more, cause of Advent and Godhead's Lament being 2 of my favourite Opeth songs, and Credence would have been cool to see.
Mikael and Peter seemed more majestic during the Lamentations tour. I saw them 3 times (Atl/Charlotte/Philly). Their execution was flawless and it seemed like the band had come to terms with their inevitable success and reputation of being metal's newest brainchild. I remember saying after the Deliverance tour that nothing could top that, but that's what Opeth does. They exceed everyone's expectations.

P.S: I think a future tour should be Meshuggah/Tool/Opeth. Slight overdose of brilliance but what the hell...
i really like meshuggah, but live, they're not too impressive. they're basically an album band. their repeditive palm muting and riffs get boring live,but on the album, it's enjoyable. tool/opeth show would be fucking sweet. tool is one of the last bands i still really want to see live.
Lamentations setlist, but the Deliverance setlist has me on Credence and Godhead's Lament, but I didn't get to go to that tour :(
I didnt think they pulled off the new songs very well (the moor,bwp, masters, ae) and i missed advent so badly from the set so i voted for deliverence. I never got to see Godhead's live though :(

maybe it was just the magic of seeing them for the first time during the deliverence tour that did it for me... i was so fucking happy the whole time, i couldnt stop smiling. thats just a concert i will never forget.

if they pulled off the new songs better i think the lamentations tour setlist would be fucking amazing. advent needs to be on there though!
Opeth broke my heart. They played a show actully within my ability to attend (edmonton here in canada). I went. Missed a week of school (university mind you). I ended up goin broke..then maxing my credit card trying to survive and makeing it home. First they postponed the concert. so i stayed with a small hope of seeing them. But then that was cancelled. And i didnt have enough money for the Moonspell/devil driver (i really wanted to see Moonspell...but fuck DD) show they had on the day opeth postponed. I didnt even get to meet them Coz they had a signing session. but the guy wouldnt let me in. Which pissed me off to no end. So yeah. I got screwed so bad with that fiasco. but ya know what? i love Opeth to much be mad at them. I accepted it and i hope they come back.

(another kicker was my friends got invited backstage by mikeal to have some beers...I WOULD OF BEEN WITH THEM!!! FACK!!!!!) hehe
I love both setlists, but I liked Lamentations slightly more.

My ideal setlist would be Lamentations, with The Funeral Portrait or Bleak in place of The Drapery Falls.