Deliverance Tour (US) vs. Lamentations Tour (USA)

Which US tour?

  • Deliverance

    Votes: 11 27.5%
  • Lamentations

    Votes: 29 72.5%

  • Total voters
All three shows were fantastic in their own way. The Deliverance show was my first Opeth show (and the band's first Seattle show) and I loved every second of it. Advent, Bleak and Credence were really great to hear live. The Damnation show was in a much better club with a MUCH better opener (Porcupine Tree) and seeing them play an all mellow set was something. Lamentations gets the vote though for a few reasons. Seattle was the first to hear that amazing new setlist and it also marked Lopez's return so their was just something special in the air that night.