Demon Of The Fall Riddle

^You're such an ass, but it's still so funny.

But yeah, I hadn't given the first secs of the song much thought, when reversed it does sound like some metal band as you guys said.
I'm sure it was mentioned before but I don't think someone's solved it...
At the beginning of the song, just about those first 3 seconds, there are these demon's or whatever it is...
Well, I think it's pretty obvious it's probably just something backwards, but if you hear it a lot and try to focus I think it might be a part of a song... I mean, you can actually hear someone screaming some words (which I didn't really understand though) and I believe it's Mikael... I suspect it might even be a part of an Opeth track...
Anyway... check it out
i think it's more like a drum, or a bass guitar recorded and played backwards
A band in the studio (I forget their name) were recording a Mayhem cover. So it is Mayhem, just not them playing. The other channel is another bands material, I've never known who the other band is but I do remember reading that they were just another BM band recording their stuff at the same time Opeth were.
Due to the lexical theme of that album, we should say it's Fall as Autumn, but the lyrics and the story could be applied to what I said earlier.

It could be a double meaning. The passing season's theme points to the fall, as a seasonal reference, while the series of events could allow it to be interpreted as a "fall" of sorts. A "fall" from grace.
I always thought the "Fall" in Demon of the Fall had an allusion to a waterfall, but I have no lyrical nuances or anything to back it up. :p
I'm pretty sure the odd bit at the beginning of Demon of the Fall is a reference to "Immortal Rites", the first song on Morbid Angel's first album. We know Mikael likes Morbid Angel.

Listen here:

Isn't this plausible? Have I solved the mystery?
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Umm... can you tell me what second is it on? I listened to it twice and I just can't spot it, but it does seem possible to be on this track or at list on the album 'cause of his voice, which is very similar to DOTF's intro's while on 50% and the drums and distortion sound... so, please add the exact second =)