Do You Think Of This Forum When You're Not On It?

Originally posted by Wolff
Yeah sometimes when I'm about to go to sleep I think of starting some brilliant threads, and then in the morning I forget all about them.

Fuck it.

:lol: I experience the EXACT same thing just about every night.

This forum has become literally, an addiction. I was away on a job the other night and I kept thinking how much I miss the forum. I wish I had friends like those of you here in the forum.
Yeh, its a source of quite a few interesting conversation starters. Ive learnt that the weird looks tend to happen if you start mentioning people from the board (even if you say 'this guy on the forum ... '), if you simply mention ideas or topics all's ok!
Originally posted by Jayde
I sometimes talk to people about it. If we're having a conversation about something I'll say "You know, this guy on my Opeth board said....." Then I get looked at like I've just said that I'd like to rape a sheepdog.

thats a bit harsh isn't it? i could understand if you were quoting some guy off the Graveland forum or something, but most of the ppl here inteligently reasonable and reasonably inteligent...

to answer the question, i'd have to say no...or no more than occasionally thinking 'what shall i do?'..'i'll check my forums'... but that includes several other forums i check dailly...but then again i don't post as much as many of the ppl here, so i havn't had as much of a chance to get so attached....the only internet thing which ever plays on my thoughts when i'm not sat directly in front of it is my Utopia account, but if the likes of this happening :eek: A fireball burns through the skies of your lands. 353 people are killed in the destruction! :eek: how can i sleep at night when my ppl suffer so?
sometimes I find myself talking about this place, and feel guilty, like I'm some kind of internet nerd. Really, I'm not a nerd! C'mon believe me guys! Hey, where is everybody going? guys?

Trapped: it's nice to see someone picking up on that old racket.
Actually I do.
Sometimes when talking with my friends I might say "This one guy in Opeth forum said..." or I pick up a subject from here and then we discuss about it. Or something like that. Yes, they think it's a bit odd :p
Mark nice avatar I just got through watching that movie yesterday :)

Of couse I alway thinking about this thread. I alway wonder what I"m missing when I don't post for a couple of days. I love comming here to see all the funny and interesting things that come up here. I have also sliped and metioned this site to a couple of people and they give me a funny look, I usually just try and cover up my pause and keep going cause the mistake is alread made. Ohh Well :)